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  • The Ultimate Archer Guide [Updated 2018-10-16]

    @MynameisAlfieri: Arrow Storm 's damage per second (DPS) increases by 4.62 each skill point, whereas Screwdriver Shot and Precision Shooter only increase by 3.8 and 4.2 respectively. Screwdriver Shot will only do more DPS if you use Precision Shooter, which means you're spending more skill points to do the same amount of damage. Even level 1 Arrow Storm does more DPS than level 1 Screwdriver Shot. I don't find it hard to hit bosses with Arrow Storm. Choosing optimal times to use it is part of the archer's skill cap, and if you choose not to use it because it's too hard to hit, you're just sacrificing potential damage.

    Here's a handy chart showing the differences in DPS:


    As for Precision Shooter's damage: when you take a point in Precision Shooter (PS), you completely change Screwdriver Shot (SS) to a different ability called Improved Screwdriver Shot. (ISS) ISS doesn't do the same damage as SS - in fact, if you hover over the skill and look at the description, you'll see that the huge wall of text explaining the three phases of SS has been replaced with a very succinct description that just has one damage value: 670% at level 1.

    Ironically, ISS will never do 670% damage because if you have one point in PS, you're increasing that 670% by 5%, which comes to a total of 703.5%. Leveling SS increases this base number from 670% to a max of 1093%, and if you max PS (available at level 64), it will cap out at 1639.5%.

    Here's a chart showing all those damage values:

  • These forums are a mess

    If you see something you think breaks the rules, report it so we're notified of its existence. We don't and can't read every comment, so we need the support of the users to find and remove rule-breakers.
  • Add elf ears to the cash shop! (Reasons included)

    I don't think it should be an item, because then it will clash with existing ear accessories. Rather it should be a physical change like changing one's face or skin colour.
  • Only show insignia's that you have unlocked.

    Yeah, I think that makes sense. The titles are only shown if unlocked.
  • Petition to Remove Fair Fight

    world bosses fair fight is pointless
    This is a horribly misguided statement. Fair Fight is incredibly important on world bosses. You can debate Fair Fight on elites and in dungeons til the cows come home, but Fair Fight is objectively necessary on world bosses.

    You know what happens to world bosses in KMS2 where there is no Fair Fight? They get one-shot. A couple of people per channel per hour at the most get the credit for a wold boss kill and everyone else misses out, even if they were there in that channel when the boss spawned. In order to have a chance at beating the boss (and doing any daily quests/missions that require beating the boss) you need to not only camp the spawn location, but you need to have a low enough latency that you can be the first one to hit it.