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September 29, 1999
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  • Shang - Mod Application

    After reading a bunch of other applications.
    I see a bright future for MS2 with all these amazing people coming to mod for our game.
    I'm speechless after reading some of these.

    - Shang
  • Shang - Mod Application

    Good luck to everyone that applied!

    Hi I'm Shang. I'm that guy on the Discord.

    - A brief description of why you think you are a right fit to become a Moderator.

    Hopping in, I like looking out for others and helping them with any questions.
    I'm very knowledgeable. I keep up to date with new releases.
    I enjoy finding answers, doing my research about the game and sharing what I know with others.
    I honestly spend an unhealthy amount of time on Discord.
    I think I'm involved in the community, I'd like to think of it that way. i hope ._.
    I just really love Maplestory. <3 (My first game and pretty much my childhood)

    - What do you hope to achieve and provide for the community as a Moderator.

    Create a fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere for new Maplers and veteran Maplers to discuss topics on the MS2 Discord.
    Provide quick and accurate answers to questions. (Soon™, why you asking me I don't know the release date either AHHh)
    Enforce gentle slaps on the wrist for people that break the rules. (Fairly enforce the rules!)

    Just do what I can so everyone has an enjoyable time in the Discord and in game.

    - Do you have any experience moderating for other communities? If yes, please explain.

    No previous experience moderating communities. (but I'm good friends with 2 moderators. I always reached out and helped whenever I could.)

    Thanks for reviewing my application.

    If there's any questions?
    Please leave them below.

    - Shang
  • Razmi - Mod Application

    Hey that's pretty good.

    + Like

    - Shang
  • The Closed Beta Has Ended!!

    NXACuddles wrote: »
    This last week has been a blast and a half, but our time is up and the MapleStory 2 Closed Beta has sadly come to an end.

    Don't forget, everyone that participated d in this Closed Beta will automatically qualify for any additional beta tests. Once again, thank you for your help putting MapleStory 2, and our systems, through their paces. We can't wait to welcome you back to Maple World!

    Looking forward to what's coming up next!

    - Shang
  • [WINNERS] Maplers of Tria Contest

    IGN: Shang
    Server Name: Big Leaf

    Hey it's Shang, Shang might be from another Universe.
    He was fascinated by the world of Boxing from a young age because of his father.

    Shang was taught how to box under his Father's lead and has now even surpassed his father in the ring.
    Dropping not a single match ever he has been given the title Champion of the Ring.

    Some ask how he keeps his hair in place, the secret is in the comb.