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  • Community Manager Kyrios Intro


    - Shang
  • Looking for a hat GMCuddles wore, for my daughter.

    Just a heads up.
    One of the members of Joddy Squad Lionpoke (MS2 Partners) will be having a 24hr stream at Head Start (October 1st).
    You might have opportunity to snag one of the hats from there.


    - Shang
  • [FEEDBACK] Game Crashes

    Server: North America East
    Error Message: 10053
    Approx. Date Start: Today
    Where: Royale Park

    Happened 3 times in a row this morning and now stopped.


    - Shang
  • [Feedback] Character Customization

    Regarding customization I am very happy with it but I couldn't help but notice that the color wheel is missing from GMS2.
    Any plans for that in the future?

    The achievement colors are pretty neat and dye color changes being mesos is also a plus.

    - Shang
  • [Feedback] Mushking Royale

    Mushking Royale is a really fun and enjoyable gamemode.
    It serves well as something to fill downtime like Player Vs. Player.

    Point System:
    My only concern is regarding the points system of Mushking Royale.
    I have expressed previously that being the last man standing becomes really underwhelming when you realize 2nd place gets a very similar amount of points as you.

    It is understandable to have a group of people that play rather conservative in a Battleroyale Gamemode but (I've been stuck trying to explain this for 15 mins this is my 4th draft haha) having 1st get almost the same amount of points as 2nd made a lot of players run until others got knocked out to make it into the top 10.

    I have seen some people say to give points per kill but in my opinion actively seeking out kills already gives the players a benefit. The benefit being taking other players resources (skills, potions) at the risk of being knocked out.

    Many players were frustrated at the point system during the competition for a chance at a Founder's Pack and started witch hunts against certain players.Name calling then ensued making the environment very toxic and not enjoyable for others. I was luckily on good terms with people on both sides so I was able to calm them down, also avoiding the conflict entirely myself.

    This Mushking Test's Rankings is a good example for why many players were frustrated.
    (These stats were taken after the abrupt end on Saturday) (I have screenshots if required)

    Mushking Royale Rankings:
    (July 22nd, 2018 before the 1 extra day on July 28th, 2018)

    1st had 9 wins (3,255 points) and 169 games in total
    2nd had 31 wins (3,170 points)
    3rd had 33 wins (2,995 points)
    4th had 12 wins (2,780 points)
    5th had 35 wins (me) (2,753 points) and 124 games in total

    I'm sure I don't need to point out the obvious here.
    Having more games -in top 10- trumps having more wins.

    The problem can be easily fixed by increasing the point differences between 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on.
    Making a win more impactful and more rewarding to the player.

    Now I will slightly touch on the topic of Teaming.
    From my 138 games that I have played I have encountered attempts of teaming:

    Such as 2 players hiding in 1 bush only attacking when someone comes by. Most of the time killing themselves in the process. Not a big issue.


    Players that know each other avoiding killing each other until the very end. Which is a slight issue.

    In my opinion nothing needs to be done for this issue because it will iron out itself when more players are in Mushking Royale. The small player base of CBT2 atm means each game is roughly the same 30-40 people so yea...

    I really enjoy the our Battleroyale Gamemode and I want it to succeed in GlobalMS2. (I heard the gamemode is deserted in KoreanMS2)
    Funny enough I really dislike the Battleroyale genre at the moment but this was the only version I was able to play for 48hours straight so there's that. :D

    p.s. Sorry I kind of went off course in some areas making this very long, just wanted to give you guys the full picture.