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  • Converting to the new Box Fragments.

    I ended up hoarding a lot of the old Fragments and now I have to convert all of them into Exquisite Armor Fragment Exchange Boxes so I can then exchange them into Headgear/Gloves/Shoes or Top/Bottom Selection Boxes. The Exchange requires me to one by one go through thousands of boxes to convert into the new system. I think an Exchange All feature needs to be there for players who just happen have a lot of the old Fragments.

  • Put down your biggest complaint in one sentence

    Optimize the game so I can finally see other people without massive fps drops
  • Target Dummies

    There are a couple single target dummies in the Chaos Raid lobby Hall of Heroes. Unfortunately, since a lot of people use it they will sometimes use AoE buffs that would inflate your DPS numbers. Maybe for the bigger Guild Houses, they should add a single target one. They should Definitely add Target Dummies for our Homes.
  • ideas on how to make guilds more involved in ms2

    I would rather have Guild activities not revolve around Gear at all. Guild activities need to be inclusive while also giving a worthwhile incentive to do. MS2 does technically have good mini-games like the battle royal, special dungeon, gimmick dungeons, and arcade. The issue is none of those can contribute to your character in any significant way.
  • [SUGGESTIONS] Priest Dash Skill

    So Currently the pros and cons of Heavenly Wings.

    Immune to knockback: A regular dodge mechanic.

    Skill Canceling: Interrupts your current action to dodge. very useful for any longer animated skill.

    Max Distance 4.5m-6m: 4.5m is a regular distance, but if your Target is within 6m you can then reach them

    Divine Aura: TargetBuff/SelfBuff 20% movement speed for 5 seconds and 90% Magic Attack Healing. Very useful aspect. The movement buff could potentially compensate you if you didn't go as far as you would have liked.

    Stamina consumed 60: Half of Stamina gone. Clearly to balance out the better aspects of Heavenly Wings.

    Auto-corrected direction: The dodge will go to the party member in your general direction. Party members that are most closest to you will determine how far you can go. In most extreme cases like World Bosses and Raids, you could be surrounded by players that will ultimately determine how far you could dodge.

    Suggestion: Increase his regular distance from 4.5m to 6m. Remove the Auto-corrected direction to a simple passing through Teammates. The Divine Aura activation could change into a Linear Tile AOE granting the buff to any teammate who touches it. It would be like the Preist guiding his teammates to safety.