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  • Unfair treatment by Nexon Developers.

    Can't wait for the next CBT invites for Maplestory 3. I even traveled to this time so I can make my presence for global MS2. There's no way they could turn me down once MS3 comes around.
  • Y’all mind if I praise Maplestory?

    Not on my Christian forums >:( huehue
  • Ever been scammed/hacked?

    I was still new to the workings of the internet, and Maplestory was pretty much my first MMORPG. And apparently a button on the keyboard acts as a hotkey for accepting a trade. Basically, someone told me there's a method to duplicate items. And being the idiot I was, not even knowing that scamming was a thing, I placed my best weapon into the trade window and was told to press a bunch of seemingly random keys on my keyboard. Pretty sure this was my first time being scammed. It's left a deep impression on me, partially from the shock and partially from the cringe of how I reacted.

    At that time I would've never dared to curse, and I remember chasing the player and typing 'bad words' and raging for a while.

    I remember attempting to scam someone else afterwards, but the attempt was so pitiful and cringeworthy and half-assed and awful.
  • In-game jail system is still a thing, right?

    One feature I'm really excited about is the in-game jail system. But since I've learned about it, a year or two has passed and I'm not sure if they revamped or changed it... From what I know, players could be jailed in-game for offences like spamming or inappropriate custom clothing, and other players can actually visit those jail cells and take a stroll to see who's behind bars and such. There's a pic on this old reddit thread:

    They didn't remove it or anything in other regions, right? I really, really want this to be a thing once the game launches for us. And there doesn't seem to be much about this from recent years when I go to Google it.

  • What are you going to do in CBT? Say it!

    I'm going to log in, and eventually log out. Yup. Only if I get accepted though.