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  • [Mega Post] - Guild Directory

    Hi, thank you for putting the list together. I wanted to keep you up to date on our guild. Now that Official launch has been announced "Fog Mafia" is still recruiting and active on NAE. Was also wondering if you could add the Content Creators and Social tags into the spread sheet as well.
    Thank you again~
  • Do NOT put outfit crystals in GMS2.

    I would 100% support the game with feedback and buying cosmetics and such but ONLY IF YOU DO NOT MAKE IT P2W. We want a game that is fun and competitive, there is no meaningful competition if you just pay for it.
  • Torn between deciding!

    Sin and wiz are good aoe dps, thief is a high skill high reward class. Between wiz and sin, its preference. Thief if you like melee
  • My biggest fear for GMS2

    Epoophoron wrote: »
    GMS2 will probably have similar P2W aspects as it predecessor has. For Nexon to find a balance between P2W and the community opinion, Nexon could implement cash-dependent aspects of GMS2 that do not give a competitive edge.

    Such as: cosmetic items, axillary gameplay outside of the mobbing/bossing meta (mini-games, housing, player privileges, pets), grind enhancers (exp boost, drop boost, faster travel, forced mob spawning), cosmetic ability animations, etc.

    An improvement from GMS that would be nice to see in GMS2 would be to have less of a P2W presence in the end-game parts of the game. This could be done by reducing the dependence of end-game item stats on cash-based improvements. An alternative would be to implement a system of crafting that has the ability to get top-tier, end-game items to serve as a F2P path to parallel the P2W model.

    Let me know what you all think of these ideas, maybe we help foster a change in GMS2 to make the game experience better for everyone!

    More Yay Less Pay

    There should be no stat advantages by paying nor HUGE time saved (It is fine to have a slight exp/drop boost but if the only sane way to get to min/max is spend years vs spend cash then that's not good).

    Nexon should stick to what you stated, cosmetics and such without stats and make the game more apealing to more people by keeping it fair to all.
  • My biggest fear for GMS2

    Qlope wrote: »
    In the end, this discussion will not matter to the ones who will make this game p2w (someday or not). Because cash is shinier than complains of the community.
    Well, as customers, if we quit, they lose shiny, they need shiny, so then they make it fair.