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  • [NA West] Beta ♔ Rank 1 CBT1 (closed for now)

    • Discord Name: (DM me your application if you're uncomfortable posting)
    • Main Class(es): Paladin
    • Time Zone: None
    • Amount of Hours you play per week: Random
    • Tell us something about yourself: I hope i get into CBT2
  • "Closed Beta 2 Update" by Jungsoo Lee

    splitting the server to west east coast is probably the best idea you guys have to RUIN THE POPULATION OF MS2
    make the servers to central like in chicago or dallas. if you guys are already implementing east coast servers that means you have the ability to make a new server in this next few weeks for cbt so make it in central instead as 1 big server so that this game doesnt end up like MS1 where servers are being merged together because lack of population.
  • [NA East] Community Housing Events

    I can potentially host the jump quest sometimes if I am free. I dont know if you ever been to my house but I think we were the only 2 in the first page of star architect that wasnt trophy houses. Here is my house contest post that gives you a good idea of what it looked like. It will most likely not look exactly like the way it is now as I will be trying to improve the placements of everything to utilize as much of the house space as i can.
  • Henesys Pet Park JQ


    Hey everyone! I know there was a good couple hundred of people that came to my house during CBT and I got a lot of positive feedback. I also got a lot of what I am assuming is the jokingly "I hate this place reported" and it got me thinking. I genuinely would like to get some feedback of what you liked/disliked or what I could improve on or maybe consider adding or taking away. This is something I do plan on remaking when servers go live and maybe possible in the future betas if there are any at all.

    Those of you that were wondering if I was remaking this in server launch, yes I will be remaking it but thats not all! I am currently in the brainstorming stage of potentially remaking kpq as well as I could. Obviously theres no way I can possible make it so you can kill gators to get tickets but this is something I would REALLY like to do and try to make this a reality. Other maps like sleepywood JQ and kerning JQ are stuff that people mention to me to make and this is something I would really love to do as well. In the end, this is only something I can only try to make and see if it is possible for me to be creative and come up with a solution for what the housing system allows.

    Your feedback on anything would be greatly appriciated to try and make my house a best as I can!

    Thanks for everyone that stopped by and try out the JQ.

    Huge thanks to all the players that came back almost every single day just to clear the JQ over and over again and ultimately ended up being my testers for the jumps to make this possible .

  • [WINNERS] Maplers of Tria Contest

    IGN: BubbIe
    Sever: NA
    2 Maplers thanks you for the chance to experience MS2 CBT!

    But all good things must come to a end...
    Until next time.