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  • Anyone else losing motivation to play?

    NiamhNyx wrote: »
    Slow or fast, you should NEVER use limited availability and RNG at the same time to gate progression. This is what has been killing my drive to play.

    Pretty much. It's also depressing that I'm noticing more and more people are buying mesos from those RWT sites, so they can have a chance at raids. I've already talked to quite a lot of people outside of the game and they've told me that they were able to clear Chaos Devorak after buying mesos. I've seen proof too, but I'm not reporting them. And I'm not reporting bots anymore either. You wanna know why? Because after over a decade of supporting Nexon and their games, I've hit my limit. I don't have any sympathy for this company anymore and I've already accepted that MS2 will die soon. The community is just so elitist and toxic and I simply don't have it in me to be passionate about this game anymore. I wish Nexon would do something, but their response was essentially "Shut up and keep grinding."
  • Anyone else losing motivation to play?

    BananaCat wrote: »
    I hear where you are coming from.

    Warframe did get a legit update recently and its pretty fun so nothing wrong with playing that and taking a break from Maple story until devs figure some stuff out.

    On a side Note a Dev said on twitter there is announcement update coming very soon regarding character progression. So hang in there and don't uninstall Quite yet.

    Yeah, I'll admit that it's probably healthier for me to have something else to do on the side. So I don't invest ALL of my spare time on one thing.

    Oh wow, right as I was typing this they released the producer blog.
  • Anyone else losing motivation to play?

    Big mood, I know, but someone's gotta say it. I wanna clarify that the problem here isn't that I've played too much and got burned out on the game. I still want to play and enjoy MS2, but the thing is I just can't anymore. Between the already painful RNG system behind gear upgrades and the fact that Chaos Devorak was falsely advertised, I'm losing motivation to play. The sad part is, I'd rather play Warframe at this point, a game that's pretty much all about pointless grinding. But at least in that game, I can have a very clear sense of progression. So essentially I'm stuck waiting until Nexon fixes raids before I can make any progress. Another massive issue with this game is that elitism is running rampant. Party Finder is full of people asking for steep requirements. And before you take an elitist attitude into this thread, let me remind you of what happened before raids came out. Nexon decided to show off Chaos Devorak and advertised it as an easy, entry level raid that just about anyone can beat with +11 weapons. With all due respect, the developers really had no idea what they were doing. They weren't using Shield Toss, they weren't grabbing onto Devorak before he teleports to another section of the map, they weren't using any of the strategies that players are using to speed things up. At the end, they were only able to get the boss down to 8% HP before the timer ran out. If you need proof, the video's right here and has a Theif with +11 weapons doing the fourth highest amount of damage. False Advertising is NOT okay, I don't care what your argument is because you'd have to be delusional or elitist to defend raids in their current state. If you ordered a hamburger and got a chicken sandwich instead, you wouldn't be happy. Because you ordered a hamburger, not chicken. Seriously though, I'm very disappointed in the current state of the game and I can't just force myself to play. Even now I'm barely logging on for dailies. The game has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I'm not even logging on for the social aspects, or to finish building my nice house that I've been working on. All I'm really doing these days is talking to my in-game friends on Discord and hoping that Nexon will fix raids. I had a lot of hope for this game, especially when I first saw the Chaos Devorak preview video. But the game is plagued by elitists and toxic players. Game's dying, community's dying, if nothing is done soon then MS2 will become LawBreakers 2.0 and I'll officially stop playing Nexon games for the rest of my life. This is coming from someone who's stuck by Nexon for over a decade (Yes, over 10 years of playing Nexon games) and I'm finally starting to run out of patience and tolerance. It's 2018, soon to be 2019 and I thought Nexon was finally learning something from their man years of failure, but it seems they still have a ways to go. Anyways, tell me what you think and how your MS2 experience has been going lately. And keep things civil, please.