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  • Anyone else losing motivation to play?

    NiamhNyx wrote: »
    Die soon in mmo terms is years.

    Not really. I know plenty of MMOs that died so quickly and even got shut down that you'd think I'm making up names of games that don't exist. I mean yeah, they don't exist anymore but still. It doesn't take multiple years for a game to truly die after a bad decision or series of bad updates go through. And Nexon has shut down many games of theirs over the years, it's pretty much a Nexon tradition at this point to kill off their games.
  • Anyone else losing motivation to play?

    NiamhNyx wrote: »
    Slow or fast, you should NEVER use limited availability and RNG at the same time to gate progression. This is what has been killing my drive to play.

    Pretty much. It's also depressing that I'm noticing more and more people are buying mesos from those RWT sites, so they can have a chance at raids. I've already talked to quite a lot of people outside of the game and they've told me that they were able to clear Chaos Devorak after buying mesos. I've seen proof too, but I'm not reporting them. And I'm not reporting bots anymore either. You wanna know why? Because after over a decade of supporting Nexon and their games, I've hit my limit. I don't have any sympathy for this company anymore and I've already accepted that MS2 will die soon. The community is just so elitist and toxic and I simply don't have it in me to be passionate about this game anymore. I wish Nexon would do something, but their response was essentially "Shut up and keep grinding."
  • How to fix the game for the better

    Game's getting shut down in less than a month, don't bother. People are uninstalling and many who are still playing have resorted to buying mesos. MS2 is gonna get shut down just like LawBreakers because Nexon doesn't care and elitists are killing the game. Because they're so deluded that they think luck equals skill, and they're so messed up that they genuinely justify false advertising. It was fun playing dressup and getting sub 4 minute clears at Lubelisk but this game's not gonna last.
  • Chaos raids overtuned?

    I'm going to be so happy when this game gets shut down just like LawBreakers did. Then all the elitists will lose everything. I'm tired of this game's overwhelmingly toxic, elitist community. People are so ignorant that they're killing the game and they don't even realize it. I'm not gonna bother being the voice of reason, I know I'm right and I'm just here to watch the game burn at this point. Nexon basically told everyone "Screw you, grind more" in the blog they made today so I'm basically done having faith that things will get any better.
  • Anyone else losing motivation to play?

    For me it's just a problem with Chaos Raids I still see people helping with hard dungeons. The timer adding extra pressure on parties to maximize their effectiveness by weeding out lower dpses is an extremely toxic mechanic. The dps tracker in itself isn't inherently bad and is a good tool for figuring out your flaws/ways you can improve. However, the moment they put unnecessary pressure on the community it separated the casuals from the hardcores. Rather, "Experienced" (who you know can clear in under 15) and Non-experienced (who haven't had the "chance" to clear in under 15) if you want to go off of party finder recruitment ads.

    Funny how MS2 is the only MMO to have this disgusting timed raid system. Meanwhile, good MMOs like FFXIV and WoW balance raids around being time consuming, which further adds to the challenge. In those games there's more room for error because the fights last longer. And when you wipe, you wipe. You're back at the start and you've gotta fight the boss all over again until you get it right. You're forced to learn from every mistake and every wipe. Not to mention those games are very challenging and still have healer classes that can revive allies. In MS2 there's no skill involved, everything's a DPS race and your chance of victory is entirely dependent on your gear rather than skill itself. Upgrading gear is also locked behind not only heavy amounts of RNG, but a time gate as well with additional layers of RNG. But hey, let's just watch the elitists kill the game, it's gonna die soon since Nexon basically told everyone "Screw you, grind more" in their latest blog.