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  • Dear people complaining about CBT 2.

    I've seen a lot of people complaining that CBT 1 players get into CBT 2, why is this so surprising? The goal of the tests is bug searches as well as testing optimisation something general CBT 1 players will have a understanding of. Why would they not want more cohesive feedback? I understand you want to play but its generally helping the game that said testers get to try it out again, besides them getting in doesn't change the overall number of people getting accepted I don't really understand your complaints.
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  • Maplers, Are you a male or female?

    Personally I identify as a CBT mapler
  • Feedback on the CBT stream for keys.

    It will take me quite awhile to express everything wrong with this stream, First off they didn't even do a mic test! as a massive company you would expect Nexon to at least know how to work a microphone, it's very simple.

    Secondly whats the point of showing hacked gameplay where you can't take damage? yes we get to see you do a dungeon and see the phases but we don't know how much damage the bosses do and they don't show how to dodge the damage because they just sit in it with no consequences.

    All my respect to Cuddles, she's a very active manager for the community but from my first impressions I assumed this was her first ever game. They showed nothing yet about any classes just did a brief overview mid raid, where they could've simply opened character select showed the classes gave a run down on their skills and showed customisation.

    Although I'm not sure if they did give us that information since they were muted for the first 5 minutes. If I was a new player who did no research what so ever about this game and this was my first impression I would've looked at other mmos honestly.

    They showed the controller controls but never explained how you switch between the left key binds for the controller and the right. This was honestly disappointing so far and I'm only staying for the codes.

    Edit1: props to them for at least showing the dungeon list looks good.

    Edit2: only two genders? fired! Showing mini games so that's cool finally looking like a planned stream.

    Edit3: finally showed enhancement after an hour, learned it enhances up to +9.

    Edit4: Looking at classes now.

    Edit5: They ended up showing character creation and all the customisation. Would've suggest doing this at the start.

    Edit6: They showed custom equips and how to do them a T-shirt and Short template is for mesos the rest is blue merits (NX). Love the simplicity. Also shown House customisation and I underestimated the level of design you can put into your house.

    Edit7: contests coming up for Red Merit rewards you can use during the beta and some where you can use on release.
  • What Ethnicity are you?

    I'm british :D