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  • Mushking royale feedback.

    Apart from the game mode being widely hated by everyone I talk to in the game for a number of reasons, half of the time it's not even playable. It's not exactly an amazing way to hype up release by releasing a terrible game mode very few people enjoy filled with bugs and exploits that hardly get fixed. The only bugs that did get fixed at a reasonable pace was the meret shop being able to be used. Nexon releases a 2x exp and forgets about it can cant even fix it and host it on another day as compensation and instead goes with releasing more every weekend which would've happened anyway assuming they released 2 lots on the 2 weekends prior; but that's fine. If you don't want to play at all because you hate it that much you can always dump your wallet in the game for a ridiculous 1000 merets per level once the discount is over and if you thought Nexon wasn't money hungry like always founders don't even get their merets to spend on the new stuff so they have to dump more money than they already paid to get the pass or exp potions.

    As a suggestion for Nexon, Maybe don't release an unfinished game mode with tons of game breaking bugs like teleporting through maps, authentication errors, the white screen bug, exploits, and the current bug that stops you playing all together since it thinks you aren't logged in. It doesn't make us hyped for the game it just makes us tired of dealing with your games problems. I'm only writing this post since I can't even access the game anymore. For the love of god just fix your game before you do all these promotional events.
  • Draw the person above you!

    Fluffernut wrote: »
    Alair wrote: »
    LaurieMoon wrote: »

    I have a tablet, but I drew this with my mouse for funs. Also I don't want this thread to die its so cute and nice

    Character: (I actually don't have a character because I didn't do beta, so here's my favorite NPC design and my fav icon)


    @Alair here you go!~ just did this as a little warmup sketch! <3

    My character

    guess I'll claim it <3

    My character
  • [WINNERS] Maple Runway Contest

    In game name: Mayo
    Server: EU
    Description: Inspired by crusaders so I decided to make a crusader armour using the custom equips for the contest, for the top I used a coat template to get the cloths to flow past the waist and for the sides of his torso I wanted to do a leather type armour to contrast with all the metals which is also my reasoning for the gloves being leathery.
    It's also unisex so anyone can happily wear this.
  • General complaints.

    Before you comment in the comment section saying this is the 20th post of complaining you have seen, don't bother. I'm just voicing my opinion.

    I've been seeing a lot of complaints about several things such as CBT hats, Star adventurer and name reservations. It's honestly tiring to see all these threads with no sense of reason to them so I thought I would address some of them.

    Firstly CBT hat, Why was this such a big deal? it's a hat. A HAT. It is totally understandable that CBT2 players get the hat because its a CBT hat not a CBT1 hat, however The star adventurer hat was something CBT1 players worked for in CBT1 and you should not be entitled to these rewards unless you work for them.

    Now, the main issue I've been seeing is the founders pack name reservations. Honestly I can see both sides on this, the lowest package should not have name reservations in my opinion. I agree its stupid to be able to secure several names on multiple accounts for such a low cost because it does take away from the player base but on the other two packages I don't see an issue. They're paying upwards of $50 for a game they're still not sure about the direction of... I'm sorry not all of you have the money to secure your names most of which aren't sort after. (yes you __Maplestory__is__kewlxx72) But for those of you who can afford it but really want your name then honestly whats stopping you from dropping $25 for it when you are passionate enough about it to make a salty forum post?

    For those of you in CBT thinking you are entitled to a name reservation for helping test the game then you already have several exclusives if you did actively play and shouldn't need more. Even if you did give extensive feedback and actively played and you feel that is enough to warrant having a name reservation then you should keep in mind the whole point of the CBT was to give feedback and actively test (don't expect things for doing what you signed up for).
  • Dear people complaining about CBT 2.

    I've seen a lot of people complaining that CBT 1 players get into CBT 2, why is this so surprising? The goal of the tests is bug searches as well as testing optimisation something general CBT 1 players will have a understanding of. Why would they not want more cohesive feedback? I understand you want to play but its generally helping the game that said testers get to try it out again, besides them getting in doesn't change the overall number of people getting accepted I don't really understand your complaints.
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