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  • fonder's daily wonders item

    I'm not sure if that's been clarified yet but it doesn't mention being random, and the Pan Lid is listed as a founders exclusive. I'd assume that it's 28 consistent items, probably in a consistent order, and is just a mystery beyond those revealed items.
    And to avoid confusion via the quoted FAQ, the Wonders consumable itself will expire, but it's been confirmed that the items within it are permanent.
  • [POLL] Server Split "Enjoyment"

    As a Central player, it sure isn't enjoyable. I no longer get a central server to play on, instead, I get to suffer similar lag that east/west coast players had in CBT1 and the split playerbase to boot..
  • CBT hat for all

    How's this? Silver sticker for CBT2 players, Bronze sticker for CBT applicants. Seems like a cool compromise; everybody gets 'the' CBT item, with a unique flair to denote if you played CBT1, CBT2, or applied but missed out.
    (And don't respond with 'too much work', not even to be funny because I said not to)
  • CBT hat for all

    The Adventurer Hat doesn't have 'CBT' written on it and yet it's still a CBT exclusive item (as seen via its description). It would be stupid to argue that it doesn't count as a CBT item because it doesn't literally say CBT on it. If you want to be so arbitrary, then I'd in return argue that 'CBT2' =/= 'CBT', they're separate events, so it makes perfect sense not to give you the hat.

    If an item is only obtainable via CBT, it's a CBT item, it doesn't matter if it has CBT written on it or not. And it's premature to complain about the mint van until we see if it's an exclusive or not. The original event list didn't specify whether the Adventurer hat would be (besides the vague 'special' descriptor), and it ended up being exclusive, so with similar earning conditions it stands to reason that the mint van likely could be exclusive as well. But if writing 'CBT2' on the side of the van would really make the difference for you, then by all means, fight for that then.

    (And speaking of descriptions, the CBT Hat's description is actually super vague. It mentions being given not to all Beta testers, but to all /applicants/. So if you guys get your wish and CBT2 testers get their hands on the hat, it's entirely possible that pretty much every single player at launch get it too, going by its current description. And I imagine most won't care about it anymore..)

  • second beta face?

    Phase? Nobody knows. Nexon left their phrasing intentionally vague where we could have an additional closed beta, or we could go straight to open beta. But even in the event that we had a CBT2, there's no saying whether or not the hats would be obtainable in it again, so wait and see.