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  • A way to preview combat faces before choosing

    Preview mode needs a lot of additions. You should be able to preview any item on hover with ShiftClick regardless of what UI it is, you should be able to preview all boxed items (Halloween weapons in particular), and most frustrating to me and relevant to this thread, they need to have Armor previews at character creation and in the style shops. You choose your starting hair without knowing how it'll end up interacting with hats, similar problem.

    A real shame that these expressions aren't tied to some sort of 'personality' toggle. Even before getting to facial expressions, a lot of nice eye styles are paired with either a permanent frown or a permanent smile. It'd be nice if mouths were separated as well into personalities.
  • [READ FIRST] October QUESTIONS Thread

    Shybz wrote: »
    As long as you never logged into it it should be fine, but take the few minutes skipping through the tutorial to be safe and bank it first instead.

    Bank it? What do you mean? I hadn't really played Maplestory 1 since the old days when Ludibrium was a brand new thing as was Zakum way back mid 2000s so I'm unfamiliar with the new systems.

    A lot of items in MS2 are Unsellable and Untradable, but so long as it doesn't say 'Bound To /charactername/' then you can deposit it into your bank, which can be accessed by your other characters as a means of transferring the items to them. To my knowledge, not a single event item so far (Founders, pre-launch stuff) is bound, so what you should do is just login to that character, get the items, deposit it into your bank and then remake, to be safe.
  • This is not what we've been told about style crate

    Shoutout to Nexon for the Angel Wings featured with the Business Suit. $3 for literally the same item everyone gets within minutes of starting the tutorial.
    It was also super misleading for them to state that the Halloween outfit would cost $125 (on average) when they're not counting the additional 35 coins you'll need for the Halloween Weapon, which I'd consider part of the complete set. That's another $58.
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  • $15 to 'hide your helmet' ... seriously?

    For context, here was a limited-time sale on Permanent transparent covers in MS1:
    Transparent Cape 3,600 NX
    Transparent Gloves 3,600 NX
    Transparent Shoes 3,000 NX
    Transparent Earrings 3,000 NX
    Transparent Hat 4,400 NX
    Transparent Eye Accessory 4,000 NX
    Transparent Face Accessory 4,000 NX

    That's less options than MS2's gives you, for a grand total of.. $25.6 dollars. And in MS1 it's effectively stuck on a single character (archetype). A permanent, multiple toggle transparency that can even be character swapped is an absolute steal at $15. And if someone doesn't agree, they can easily purchase another minimalist hat to expose just their hair, or wait for a sale price. It's just aesthetics. Complaints like this are going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back if Nexon gives up on their extremely non-p2w business model because everyone's whining about something anyways.
  • MapleStory 2 Official Launch Confirmed for 10/10

    An economy doesn’t even exist in a newly released game, founders will be the ones establishing the market of items that F2Pers will be able to take advantage of. A 9 day head start is going to be nothing in the grand scheme of things.