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  • How many devs blogs are needed before u guys quit?

    I'm sticking around no matter what cause I still enjoy the game
  • A list of changes this game needs

    Mesos making changes:

    -Increase meso gain from farming mobs .

    -Increase mesos from getting rich daily.

    -Increase mesos gain from fishing.

    -Increase the amount of mesos we get from dungeons (I know we get quite a bit already but it still doesn't feel like enough.

    Progression changes:

    -Add b4 fragments to b1 5 b1 clears = 1 b4 key or make rusted keys a static 100k to encrypt no price increase.

    -Lower the crystal fragment cost to reroll on legendaries 1.9k frags per reroll is a nightmare .

    - Lower the cost to turn epic necklace earring belt ring and cape fragments into a whole 500k per item is bankrupting players.

    -Add epic rerolls scrolls and lock scrolls to the treva shop 2k treva each 3 (per week character bound)

    -Add more untradeable onyx to dungeons and breaking down epics/legendarys (it's still not enough!) Or make onyx account bound so we can farm with alts

    - Small changes that will help

    - Increase epic pet capture rate Or make a trophy that rewards you a random untradeable epic pet box after 3k pet captures.

    - Lower untradeable crystal fragment price in shops to 700 each.

    -Add untradeable onyx to the shop 10k per week at 300 mesos each (character bound)

    - Increase the socked unlock chance percentage

    - Increase the gem enchantment percentage

    - Lower the gem dust requirement for enchanting gems

    Rule changes:

    -Make it bannable to sell raid clears.

    -Make it banable to buy raid clears.

    - Ban mesos buyers 60 days and strip their account of all items even alts.

    -Crack down harder on rule offenders.

    I'm sure there's much more but that's all I can think of off the top of my head


  • Sick of cheaters buying 300mil meso4 Cpap Carries

    It's not suprising people are doing that the game is filled with casuals and the high end guilds are the only one doing cpap

    An easy fix is make legendaries obtainable through another method or pray the playerbase gets better st raiding

    Or just flat out ban boosters
  • Release Merits to mesos

    Secrots wrote: »
    I'm not quite sure how this is going to make bots go away? The only thing they'd have to do is price them lower than what Nexon values it at. The only way they can stop bots entirely is if they somehow find a way to make mesos not worth buying at all, which would be hard considering all of the utility it holds.

    It's like 400m for 100 usd on kms2 (may be more I forget) it's just not worth farming for the bots they can't compete with that price they got Bill's to pay too!
  • Chaos raids overtuned?

    I keep seeing people say "Learn the mechanics' or "my guild cleared it in a few attempts get good etc"

    I've learned the mechanics 100% I've done it so much i never die anymore but i don't have a raiding guild so i'm stuck pugging.

    Everything is really tossed out of the window about learning the fight when pugs don't really stay together long after 1-3 wipes.

    Sure i could leave my casual guild i adore that i've been in since day 1 and most likely get the clear but i'm not going to ditch my friends just cause they play casual.

    The fight might not be hard for a guild but for random pugs it's so bad that players only want +14-15 dps now locking out half of the playerbase (if not more) behind rng.