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  • 4-person party performance meter (nvm, bad idea)

    I'd definitely like this, as me and my friends always compare damage numbers and it'd be much more convenient to just have everyone see it instead of resetting our personal meters every run.
  • Founder's Pack "Re-run"?

    What I'm confused about is why shouldn't there be a "Supporter's Pack" that acts as a one-time purchase that comes with slightly varied content. So instead of a Founder's title in red, you get a Supporter's title in blue. That way you get the same deal, but without taking value away from the original. Maybe make it slightly cheaper because of no early access.

    At this point I'm down for that too. Nexon hasn't mentioned anything about another run and we're nearly a month out, so it's more likely that if they do anything resembling the FP it'll be something like your suggestion. A Supporter Pack probably wouldn't be time limited either, so anyone could pick it up whenever.
  • Founder's Pack "Re-run"?

    So I don't know how many people are in the same boat as me, but here it goes.

    When MapleStory 2 was announced to get a global version, I was a bit hesitant on it. Having been a long time player of MS1 and seeing what became of that game, I didn't know how MapleStory 2 would fare. I went and signed up for the CBT and did all the roadmap stuff anyway, because MapleStory was a bit of a nostalgic thing for me. Maybe I'd try it for a bit and see what happened. Nexon was behind it, so I didn't have high hopes.

    Fast forward to the Founder's Pack. Three different options for early access to the game, but starting cost was $25. I don't know about anyone else, but $25 to get early access to a game I didn't even know if I'd enjoy was a little steep. I also never got into the CBT, so I was going in blind. Regretfully, I decided to wait it out, skip the Founder's Pack, and start playing on the 10th with everyone else.

    Now we're in the game's second week, and I honestly wish I could go back and buy the Legendary Founder's Pack when I had the chance. That's how much I've been enjoying MS2. I have over 120+ hours played so far and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. MS2 reignited my passion for the MMO genre, and has immersed me like no game has since World of Warcraft back in 2005.

    I'd really be grateful for an opportunity to purchase a Founder's Pack. (You know, the "right" way, without buying someone's account because that's a no-no.)

    Maybe other people are feeling that sting of regret? I added a poll, and would love to hear if anyone else feels the same.

    Edit: By this point, the game is nearing a month since release, so the Founder's Pack coming back is highly unlikely. If it did, I'd be very confused. But I've seen several suggestions for a different pack with different rewards, like a "Supporter's Pack" (thanks BladeSoul69). I'd be pretty okay with that too. While not the same, it'd definitely fill the void a bit.
  • [Suggestion] What should be account based?

    All achievements should be account based, I think. For example, the final tier of Time Among Friends is 24,000 hours. That's near impossible to achieve on a single character, let alone multiples. They're headed in a good direction with the account trophies, but that should just be default. I can't think of many trophies that would be suited to be character based.

    I also agree on the the option between character-based or account-based friends. At least some way to carry over friends between characters would be great.
  • UGC Needs Change // Suggest and Discuss

    The system itself is fine, but the people working behind the scenes are what's the problem. Mainly, not enough of them, and you gave a decent suggestion. The difficult part is finding trustworthy people to be in charge of the initial temporary takedown process, as it's something that can be abused pretty easily. There'd have to be some sort of trial period or vetting process. Maybe instead of being taken down immediately, a report from one of these volunteers would have a higher priority?