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  • Dungeon Limit Cap needs to be removed

    I'd rather keep the 100% success rates they gave us tbh. The goal of any mmo is to keep you playing. They're not gonna give infinite runs without changing something to compensate/keep people busy over a longer period of time

    You remove dungeon limits in its current state and people will finish gearing everything in 1 week. complain about content and quit. Nexon doesn't want that. So what they'll do is reduce drop rates and enchant success rates to nothing. aka every other korean MMO.

    Wanna run Ramparts/Heart 5 times for 1 epic weapon drop thats not for your class? Cause to keep you playing they'd do it.
  • Why I am not socializing in a social MMO

    Oh man, imagine relying on chibi mushroom game for any sort of social superiority fulfillment because you can make a boss die 30 seconds faster than the next guy.
  • Reduce the cost of buying a plot of land.

    Hi i agree with this and a change like this needs to happen.

    Heck, ill even take 80%. Do something, tons of residential areas are going dry right now and there's less personal expression going on. I'd love to visit residential maps and see what people are doing with their public plots.
  • Daily Missions, Prestige Ranks, and more

    Yamito wrote: »
    Everything sounds excellent but I am very disappointed about the daily mission boxes because I relied on the free hair/face coupons as well as the instant harvest voucher/fishing. Must I also note they should remove merit use for changing saved hairs we spent TONS of money on trying to get?

    Seconding this, the be fabulous boxes were really important to me because they had a chance of giving template vouchers. I farmed them for that purpose.

    You guys are understandably focusing on hardcore and farming content because they're the most vocal about their concerns. but please don't make changes that alienate the rest of the playerbase. Keep in mind there are tons of grindfest games out there but not a lot of MMOs boast player made content on the scale MS2 does. don't neglect the potential for this game to be unique or else MS2 will fail to stand out.

    Hopefully once New Leaf is done, you guys will take another look at UGC as a whole, but thats a discussion for a different day, for now, please consider reintroducing a weekly method of getting the resources that are going to be displaced by this change.
  • Compensate players who had advanced tiers of gems.

    Aruraune wrote: »
    One thing I'm really glad about the 100% is that in the future we're going to go through all that again. Weapon % damage gems, new set enchantment, Lv.60 or Lv.70 epic pets, opening sockets on Legendary/Ascendant accessories.


    IMHO the complaints right now happens mostly because people don't think they're going to need to go through all that again and that they're set forever, which isn't the case.

    I was ACTUALLY trying to tell these people that right now but all they're doing is trying to use UR PROGReSS in Dis VeRsION to dismiss it, to act like they're right when all of this is just waiting to bite them in the rear.

    A change this drastic means these stronger gems are coming sooner than they think and there's just a lot of denial about that in this thread.