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  • Global Tempo in 1 track for Music Composing


    I own and as many of you know we are a music sharing site. We have been an official mabinogi fan site for years now and a lot of us from the site have also been playing the MapleStory 2. While most of us agree that the score sheets themselves are a ridiculous gold sink for no reason. The real thing that slows down composing is the fact that the tempo is separate per track instead of taken all at once from one track.

    In Mabinogi we could set up all of our tempo changes in one track and then put the actual MML music in the other tracks, this made it easy to manage the tempo changes and it kept the entire song in sync. But you can also have tempo's spread out across tracks, and it still keeps all the tracks in sync.

    I am attaching this poll to gather feedback on what other's think about this, and if they agree that MS2 should have global tempo's instead of per track tempo's. It would speed up composing time significantly in some cases if tempo's were global. Also, it would make almost all of the Mabinogi music compatible right away, instead of needing tempo edits.
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  • The East/West NA splitting for CBT2...

    mmvii wrote: »
    Wow neat, so I guess we can access the other server in those 2 channels.

    I don't think that is their intention for this.

    It's more to test how your connection is when they mix and match regional channels like this. I play East, and lag slightly on West. So now I can try the East channel in the West server to see if my connection is improved. If this works, then hopefully we will go back to 1 NA server in the future, but with West and East channels. Tis my dream for a non divided community lol.