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  • "Recent Incident With our Staff" by Jungsoo Lee

    supermiky wrote: »
    Though i appreciate and get what you're saying, I still feel bad not only for GM but also for the players involved. I'm pretty sure they didn't mean it like this.

    You're kidding right? Nexon themselves are saying they intentionally abused the system, what kind of drugs are you on? lol
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  • Warning about the Halloween Stamp Outfits

    tbh i wish there were multiple areas on a piece that we could dye instead of just one, like how vindictus does it.

    Mabinogi did this too, it's weird how mabinogi series is still the only one with that allows it. That and APB Reloaded which had the best customization ever.
  • This is not what we've been told about style crate

    Shoi wrote: »
    mirta000 wrote: »

    I wouldn't jump in to much excitement. They are still "premium" priced items. The SINGLE coined items I.E. Grays, starter outfits, and shoes will be purchasable. The rest are still behind that massive pay wall. They didn't say how much they would be. So they can turn around say sell shoes for 400 Meret($4) which is more then the loot box. And they said they would be more then the current items in the store already.

    So you are still conned into buying the loot box if you just want style coins. It's STILL toooooo expensive. The loot box needs to be reduced by a helleva lot more. $1 in my opinion after watching a friend open 10 crates and got duplicates and only 1 style coins per item.

    This is why I stuck with FFXIV for as long as it did, they just released last years Halloween items at just a flat rate I can buy. And it's a entire outfit for $5USD bucks. Head, body, legs, gloves. And you get to look like a werewolf. Their more high end outfits run $15USD. I like knowing face value what I'm paying into an outfit. This is the West. We do not like loot boxes. If anything make them super cheap and break the outfits into single boxes. And place the outfits at a higher rate so people can make a choice of their own. You will mostly have people just flat out buy.

    Go back to FFXIV because I can say with 100% certainty they will never reduce the lootbox prices to 1$. I don't think there is even a f2p game out there that has lootboxes for only 1$.
  • [Style Crates] Thank you Nexon and community +poll

    This change is way better than what I expected Nexon to do. So I'm happy.

    Next, dungeon weekly cap removal please <3.
  • PLease extend founders packs

    Blaming Nexon because you didn't care enough about the game to even know it was being released MONTHS IN ADVANCE. OMEGALUL, you're a literal child, go away no1 wants you here.