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  • Does anyone know who the artist is? TwT

  • Ppl who played the 1st Beta are auto selected

    Meanwhile people like me who have not had a chance to play ANY version are still in the "maybe" scenario. Why not give others a chance to test it out? Or just put those who already got in to have to sign up again for a chance at the very least?

    You still have plenty of chances to be selected. They will be distributing 15 000 CBT2 invites through Tria's Tournament of Champions among the people who currently don't have access. Make sure to take part, this gives you rather high chances of getting an invite.
  • Skin dyes o.O

    mmvii wrote: »
    I would like to dye a chars skin blue :O. From what I've seen on the wiki site it's not an option at char creation. Are these in game and can you obtain these without merits?

    For the skin tone, colors like blue are indeed not an option on the Character Creation. But, as Akuma524 mentioned, there is an option to change it later on, through Plastic Surgery Office (the guy next to the one that allows you to change the facial expressions / eyes).

    Here are the options currently available on KMS2 (as you can see, it's 1 additional line besides the basic char creation colors):


    I don't know if all these same colors will be available in GMS2 on the release, but I do recall it being an option during CBT1. As for the cost, you can either pay with merits (cash shop currency) or with a Free Skin Change Voucher, obtainable through various in-game activities.


    I hope that answers your question. If you have any other questions, related to the topic, please let me know.
  • Costume Gems = unfair BRM? (Answered)

    I understand and fully share your concerns in regards to Gems and their influence on the game balance. But, as far as I know, they are only a factor in PvE, not PvP. Gems effect does not apply to 1v1 Arena, and that was confirmed many times by players with experience on other regions.

    As for Battle Royale mode (Mushking Royale seems to be the official name for GMS2), according to KMS2 patch notes, it's equalized. I personally don't speak Korean, so I have to rely on Google Translate here, but this phrase seem to be rather clear:


    From what I understand, Battle Royale in MS2 is not really the same type of PvP as you experience through other PvP modes. At the start, everyone gets the same set of basic skills to make use of. Everything else you get purely from drops and pick-ups, you don't get to use your class-specific skills. All the values on those pick ups seem to be constant. Which also leads me to believe that your character strength does not affect this mode in any way. Please, correct me, if I am wrong, I am going off from what I've seen in the publicly available videos and patch notes, I have not tried this mode myself.


    Assuming we will indeed get Mushking Royale during CBT2, it will be a great opportunity to test it out in regards to balance, and leave the feedback on how the mode can be improved afterwards. I wonder if they will make any changes to this mode, compared to the current KMS2 version of it, will be interesting to see.
  • Lin's little Art Corner ~ (Updated 25/09)

    A late reply since I was away from home for couple weeks and not really active in this regards, please forgive me. >_<

    Chalki wrote: »
    Omg Lin ;--; your art is so amazing!!! I love it, ahhh~~~<3

    I totally haven't been lurking and admiring the art!

    Thank youuu >_< I am glad you like it! ♡

    Here's a little something I drew of my CBT1 character to remember how it all works after the break I took. ^^