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  • "Founder's Packs" by CM Cuddles

    zSecrets wrote: »
    Thanks!! and by the way, will the game be available for steam? and are the packs will be delivered also in cb2 or will they be delivered in obt?

    As of right now, there was no confirmation regarding either.
    For the Steam release, this suggestion was voiced and supported by many players, but no decision was announced as of right now. You can read more about it here.
    For the availability of the packs during CBT2, this question was addressed and we're currently waiting for the confirmation! Hopefully we'll get an answer to this soon.

    zSecrets wrote: »
    if they get delivered un cb2, it will be redelivered in obt right since there will be a total wipe right?

    Definitely. The rewards in Founder Packs are targeted towards the non-wipe phase in any case. Even if rewards will be available during CBT2, they definitely will be reset and re-sent once the game releases, you shouldn't worry about that.
  • "Founder's Packs" by CM Cuddles

    zSecrets wrote: »
    Getting the 100$ pack will give you x3 30 days premium club which means you will have 90 days of it?

    Hey, @zSecrets ! Yes, that's indeed the case.

    NXACuddles wrote: »
    Hi Maplers - I'll try to scrub through and answer as many questions as I can. But I wanted to answer this one right away.

    Yes, the Blue Merets and Premium Service does stack if you purchase higher tiered Founder's Packs. For example, if you purchase the Legendary pack, the total amount of Blue Merets is 9,000 and you will receive 90 days of Premium Service.
  • Where Maple Story 2

    StellaDJ wrote: »
    Where is Maple Story 2 is coming I am dying to play it xD

    CBT2 is scheduled to start on 18th of July. You can read more about it here.
    If you didn't get accepted in CBT1, make sure to sign up for beta and participate in Tria's Tournament of Champions for a chance of getting accepted into CBT2! Or try to snatch a Founder Pack with CBT2 access, if you plan on purchasing one.

    The official release date is yet to be revealed, so stay tuned for the future announcements.
  • "Founder's Packs" by CM Cuddles

    i want to buy the legendary founder packs but is no Unicorn in the 100$ packet?

    Legendary Package has all the rewards from Explorer and Master Packages, including unicorn + some additional items.
  • Will data be deleted after the CBT2 end?

    It was confirmed some time ago that yes, indeed there will be a wipe after CBT2.
    Be that OBT or full release afterwards (the next phase was not yet confirmed), you will be starting from the very beginning.