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  • People already selling IGNs

    Selling / buying the names is not allowed, so I would strongly advise you against it. If you see other people doing it, please report them.
  • Add the ability to change house ownership

    I believe, it's just a default home name. You can customize it through "Name Home" option right above on your screenshot. The home itself does not set any character on your account as a specific owner to my knowledge.
  • Is spending merits to res Pay 2 Win?

    Hey @WifuPillo !

    This topic has already been discussed previously on the forums not that long ago in the following thread:

    If you'd like to know other people's opinion on the topic, please take a look at the thread mentioned above. As it's stated in Code of Conduct, you shouldn't create new topics about previously closed discussions, and it applies in this situation as well. I will be closing this thread before it spirals into an off-topic discussion once again. Please use the forum search option next time before creating a new topic.
  • Guild Projections Spreadsheet (Updated 8/13/18)

    Sharka wrote: »

    the base reward for winning a mini-game is 4000
    - is this 4,000 for the guild overall, or 4,000 x each player who was in the mini-game?

    the base reward for a guild raid is 150
    - is this 150 for the guild overall? or 150 x each player in the raid?

    As for the guild raid values, those are definitely per member in the raid, not total. For the mini-game, it should follow the same pattern and state individual reward but I don't have a confirmation on this as I haven't personally tested it.
  • Guild Projections Spreadsheet (Updated 8/13/18)

    Mini-game refers to the guild vs guild mini-games that take place once a week in other regions, we did not have them during CBTs. Normal mini-games will not contribute to the guild.
    Guild Raids are 10 man instances that can be accessed through guild interface. They all have a timer and weekly limit, we didn't have this interface during CBTs either.
    PvP refers to guild vs guild PvP matches which we also did not have, I believe.

    Hope that clarifies it a bit.