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  • People in CBT1, will you be playing CBT2?

    I've played CBT1 and I plan on playing just as much in CBT2. I don't mind the wipe and leveling again, I am interested in seeing the changes and interacting with the community I will get to play with on the release. I also feel like I need to play it for the point of reference to compare CBT1 and CBT2 and give appropriate feedback afterwards. So count me in. ~
  • Emotional Reaction

    MarkM wrote: »
    Like DanDK had said, I can't quite say that I was surprised. They did say that it was going to be scheduled for July -- seeing as it's the end of June, the timing for the announcement makes sense.

    But what had me genuinely surprised is that the test will last two weeks instead of just one. This extended testing period is likely being justified by the additional content they've been announcing for the second beta test.

    While I feel somewhat indifferent about the announcement of the second test, I'll reserve my thoughts, feelings, and reactions for after the test once I've had a chance to experience what has changed and to what extent between the first test and this one.

    I agree with you that the timing was more or less expected, considering we're already at the end of June.

    Personally, I can't say I am surprised that they extended the duration for CBT2. As you mentioned, it is likely due to them adding more content, that is also supposed to be more challenging, than what we had in CBT1. Plus, with the leveling changes, we don't really know if any of the EXP rates were modified to balance out the whole process, or the pace will remain the same.

    As for my feelings regarding the announcement, I can't say it made me especially excited, as it was more or less expected to be in the second half of July. I think I am way more curious about Founder Pack contents at this moment personally. ^^
  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SUMMON THE BETA ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • [Mega Post] - Guild Directory

    [EU] Codex | Hardcore | PvX -

    Thank you in advance for adding us. ^^
  • [EU] Codex | Hardcore | PvX


    Dear Community,

    Codex is a Hardcore PvX Guild based in Europe (International). This means we will constantly focus on improving ourselves, both as a guild and as individuals, to achieve our goals. That's why we already have multiple World, Western and Europe Top achievements across multiple MMOs. In MapleStory2 we are building an active raiding community, so we are looking for like-minded and motivated people to join us.
    We are actively playing the Closed Betas.

    Main Points:
    ◘ We plan with other guilds to make the most active server.
    ◘ We take all PvX content seriously.
    ◘ Maximize Progress with competent Management and Dedication.
    ◘ Website + tools + Discord + TeamSpeak3 512 slots server license.
    ◘ Everyone can voice their opinion, and we vote on important topics.
    ◘ Everyone contributes, whether it is by helping others or taking charge of a Guild aspect.
    ◘ Suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism are welcome.

    Potential Requirements for applying to our Codex GMS2 Roster:
    ♦ Leveling quickly.
    ♦ Active = Check in daily and join Guild Daily activities.
    ♦ Mature = Give and take constructive feedback for everyone's improvement.
    ♦ Motivated = Set goals you want to reach.
    ♦ Dedicated = Constantly strive to achieve your goals.
    ♦ Friendly = Sense of guild camaraderie and respect others.
    ♦ Adaptive = Quickly learn new content.
    ♦ International = Understand and speak English.
    ♦ Communicative = Talk and chat on Discord with us.

    The recruitment is currently closed. We might open a few slots closer to the release, but as of right now, we are not accepting applications.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the guild, feel free to leave them in this thread or contact Lindely#4656 and Nuna#6959 on Discord.
    Our Discord Server.

    Best regards,
    NunaxXxNaruto69SasukexXxSyphonXinOxSaintoneAmanosLuvlyKoriniIzuruskromezand 10 others.