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MapleStory 2 Rep

  • Found Mesos Bots Partying location

    Please submit a report regarding this directly to support.
  • Undoing house expansions

    As it was stated in the latest Producer Blog, the feature to shrink the house size is currently in the works.
    You can read the full article here:
  • Big Props To Nexon For Standing Up Against SJWs

    I will be closing this thread as it is getting out of hand with flaming and non-constructive feedback.
    We all have our political views and it's only natural that they differ, but lets try to keep them off the forums, this is no place for it.

    As for the UGC market, everyone has their own idea of what is appropriate and what isn't, and interprets the rules in a slightly different way. If you encounter some content that you feel isn't appropriate or against the rules, use the in-game report function to mark it for review. It will be looked at, and checked if it complies with the rules or not.
  • Transfer Cash Item between characters

    Heya Mustafina!

    You will have to put those items / currency into your bank.
    You can access your bank tab either through your inventory (if you activated premium) or through your house.

  • [Guide] Basic Gathering/Crafting Professions

    JadeyJane wrote: »
    Hi Linderly,

    Thank you for the excellent info.
    Is there a correlation between how many Nodes you place and the max you'll obtain when Ranching/Farming?

    Say - If I play 2 nodes and they could both produce a max of 5 each - then I have 10 total available to harvest
    Being low level I can only harvest 5 - but later on I can harvest 20, will I need to place more nodes?

    Or could you place a single node and still harvest up to the max that your Life Skills respective level would permit?

    Hey @JadeyJane !

    No, the amount of nodes placed will not affect the daily limit of items you can gather from them. The only reason to place more than 1 node of the type is to speed up the gathering of that particular material (normally you make a square out of 4 nodes of the same type for convenience). Glad the information helped!