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  • [Question] is it worth it to grind for epic gear?

    I don't think they are adding 60 gear with the official launch. There'll be new dungeons and stuff, but they're level 50.

    I have memories of those hair coupons you'd get from Amoria that would give you a random hairstyle!

    I always wanted the bowl-cut because it looked funny.
  • [EVENT] Official Launch Registration

    Doowdoow wrote: »
    But. The one and only question is... Does the mount make the amazing duck sound?

    Can confirm that it does. CMCuddles was using it on the Europe server just a while ago and spamming the duck noise.
  • Ping Post CBT 2

    I've only gotten the error once in the 3-4 days I've been playing MKR
  • Do NOT put outfit crystals in GMS2.

    Sherri wrote: »
    To be honest, having played Nexon's other titles I can pretty safely say that MS2 even with the Gems implemented in the CMS2 fashion where they effect PvP, is still the least P2W game they've ever published. Which honestly says a whole lot about how bad Nexon's business practices are more than anything else.
    The truth is, people are voicing their opinions so loudly because they don't want MS2 to be dead like all of Nexon's other games in NA. We're all here because we're excited for MS2 and none of us want to play Ghoststory 2. That's why the opinions and suggestions come of as 'entitled' rather than simply lightly concerned. Nexon NA has a track record of ruining their titles with egregious P2W elements, we need to make sure they're hearing this loud and clear.

    Realistically, aside from making Nexon more money, there really aren't any good reasons to keep the things. And if they want to make more money at the cost of having a playerbase or any long term longevity like their other games, I think everyone posting in this thread would appreciate them telling us now rather than waiting until OBT or Release so we can stop the hype train and put our effort into something else. Because let's face it, the majority of people who have played their other games aren't going to be on board with this. And that's quite a lot of people who got into the beta as well as quite a lot of people who didn't but want to.

    Until then, get used to people saying they don't want this P2W trash as loud and as clear as they can.

    That's exactly right. The only way to get to a publisher is through communicating on their forums to get their attention and if that isn't enough, then we speak with out wallets.
    Let me give an example of something that happened recently;
    For a while now, Mabinogi (another Nexon game) has been releasing gachapon after gachapon. Eventually, the community got fed up with it.
    They wanted there to be less RNG gotcha-pons and more Shopping Bags/Outfit Bags, a guaranteed outfit, instead of getting shoes out of ten different gachas.
    Eventually they did take this feedback and they have been releasing outfit bags much more often.
    As of now, there are three on the cash shop (I even bought one, the most expensive one even which is 9,500 NX)
    That might be considered a lot which yeah, it is, but to me, they deserve it because they listened to us and they released more outfit bags and that made me happy. Plus the outfit is sooo beautiful ; u;

    B-Basically what I'm trying to say is that we can voice our opinions and we can expect to get feedback. It might take longer than expected (It did for us Mabinogi players) but it is possible. It's not like Nexon is an evil cyborg demon thing sent to eat our wallets or something. x.x

    I know that this movement will work in the end, and the fact they have a 'suggestions and feedback' forum to begin with is a very good sign.