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  • The UGC fees aren't fixing anything, we need ban.

    This is only a small part of the bigger problem, people are actively searching for quality/good selling designs on other servers and rip the design template straight off of your design and sell it on their main server for profit claiming that they made these.

    Stealing/ripping designs from hard working artists is still at an all time high and it's very clear that nexon's current solutions aren't working.
    STOP giving people who steal/rip citations and straight up perma ban them, they REALLY don't give a single damn about citations.
    It's very obvious from numerous sources fellow designers shared that these people have NO respect at all for the people who put a lot of efford in their designs.

    And don't get me started on the completely automated responds on support tickets and mostly useless reports in-game, reporting is like playing a game of slots because if you're VERY lucky you actually get helped.
  • What was your experience in selling UGC?

    I've made a good amount.

    But with the risk of people being able to rip your design and sell it on other servers isn't worth it anymore imo, especially when you spend 6+ hours on your designs. I loved UGC, it was the main thing for me to play this game but my motivation quickly went from 100% to 0% because everyone just steals designs left and right, it's just not worth the merets to go through all this.

  • "State of the Game Week 4" by Jungsoo Lee

    Also, start permabanning anyone who steals/rips from other artists.
    Lemme tell you one thing, rippers don't give a single damn if they get a citation for stealing, there's enough evidence of rippers acting all smug and like complete A-holes because they can get away with it by just getting a lousy citation.

    Design theft shouldn't be tolerated and it shouldn't be taken so lightly. Look at the people who made 200k merets by just selling stolen UGC, or winning UGC contests, etc... and get away with it

    These kind of people will not stop unless you push their nose on to the consequences.

  • "State of the Game Week 4" by Jungsoo Lee

    Kodaiga pretty much sums up my thoughts on all this.
    I will most certainly be posting less to the design shop now.
  • Question about style crates items

    Arjune wrote: »
    Are there any halloween items you can buy with Merets as of now? I haven't seen any to be honest.

    there's also a ton of home furniture... no clue if they'll add anything more though

    Oh, I thought he was talking about actual halloween themed clothing. Not the low tier scraps from the style crate, that's too bad.