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  • Only sold in market?

    Sorry I misunderstood! Yes, currently the only way is with merets. Nexon has been giving away a lot of red merets recently (on weekends) and you can buy them with those. For instance, this weekend they gave out 400 in total (just 100 merets shy of an instrument).
  • Price of potions is way too high!

    I have a better suggestion! Let us actually sell the the potions we make with our assistants to people who don't wish to spend real money on them! (Remove the Untradable tag!!)

    Here are my reasons:
    1 - They are easily the best hp/sec potions in the game (1768 HP / 8 sec)
    2 - They LOCK achievements behind them
    3 - Nexon already sells 50% hp pots in the Meret Market

    The potion I mentioned above (High Flyer) costs roughly 970 mesos + the market price of Suspicious Sweetener.
    tl;dr they can sell for less than the npc sells herbs! (Depending on supply and demand)

    Yet for some reason nexon made it impossible to trade/sell on the black market or player-to-player.

    (Please note the price i mentioned above is with the most expensive beverage merchant... cheaper merchants require more resources and thus will cost more to make the same potion)
  • Any mesos guide?

    Just to let you know, pretty much everything non-meret related in housing is free... Even the housing expansions are free!
  • Question about Assistants

    Each assistant specializes in something (cooking [buffs], beverages [recovery], rings, necklaces). They are used to make whatever items they are associated with making.

    As far as I'm aware the rarer assistants (max of 4 stars right now ? ) require less resources to produce the items but all of the same types of assistants produce the same items. Rarer assistants are also suppose to level up quicker.

    There are suppose to be assistants that only cost mesos but they don't seem to be in the game yet.

    There isn't much information regarding them but if a few people want to work with me we can figure it out. Currently I have a lvl5 (4 Star/purple) beverage assistant.
  • Music Sheet booklets or bundles

    When I owned every instrument in cbt2, half my inventory was instruments and the other half was music scores... and most of my storage was filled with music scores.... so this would be a wonderful addition!

    (Also I threw out all my fishing rods)