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  • is this unscheduled maintenance???

    Well sometimes the ghost of joddy comes around and mucks up the servers so they gotta do unscheduled maintenance. I just hope they can lull him back to rest soon.
  • Pet taming data

    a purple pet has been seen it was a birk so purple pets have 3 talents that unlock at lvl 10 30 50 sadly i was unable to see the stats % due to a guildy letting me know about said pet.

    Iv edited the 1st comment to make thing easyer to read.
  • Pet taming data

    Im trying to get data on pets and how it all works ill put what i have so far but i need some help.
    Each pet at a minimum seems to need up to 13 candys to full feed them more if you don't time it right.
    After putting a trap down throw one or two more candys so it stays fed so it wont brake the trap.
    Each teir of pet gives a bonus same as gear. White 0 traits green 1 trait blue 2 traits. Purple 3 traits.
    The highest bonus a traits given iv seen was 3.5 on a blue 2.5 on a green. For purple it seems 3.5% is still the highest but they get another trait.
    Green pets unlock there trait at lvl 50 blue at 30 then 50. Purple at 10 30 then 50
    Lvling pets is hard a white pet gives 1446 xp per green gives 2933 xp per blue gives 15,000 xp per
    The higher teir the pet the more xp it needs per lvl white from lvl 1-2 needs 22,000 green needs 55,000 blue needs 90,000
    feed your pet white pets you get roughly 30k a day double that if you feed green pets to it. but as we know getting 20 green and higher pets is pure rng.
    Pets give bonus attack depending on rareity.
    Any more data you could add would be great and if you have a purple pet please tell me how many traits it can get and its % value.
    There are only up to Epic pets.
  • What about Maplestory2 Appeals to you

    I cant wait to play this because i can stop being a internet hermit and talk to people get invited to partys have friends kick butt and of course build me a house.

    "I cant wait i cant WAIT" Randall Tugman-Dead rising 2