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  • "Founder's Packs" by CM Cuddles

    Preversive wrote: »
    I didn't know Nexon was taken over by Electronic Arts.

    In all seriousness, this is absolutely out of scope for an online game, giving some random cosmetic crap which won't even be useful / used after the first 3 months of the game. Forcing people to log in for 28 days straight after paying 99,- already. Having the audacity to market this as a game for 13+ and yet ask two months of their pocket money for a 'founders insignia'

    If this is the path you're going in, i'm done before starting.

    (inb4 "You don't have to buy it!!!" comments, that's not even the point i'm making).

    You don't have to buy it.
  • Give the game a chance!

    This is for people who want the game to launch pre restart update.

    I think most people who keep complaining about the restart update did not make it to the beta (did not experience MS2). the game has so much to offer. you can stop questing and go explore the maps and clear the stars if each map if you wanted to. you can also start fishing, play music, pvp, crafte etc.. there is a lot more content coming and the beta had only one raid but they will surely have more at the launch. we might even have a higher max level.

    Everyone keeps hoping for a MapleStory 1 pre-big bang. but this is a different game. It's not a race to the top, the game does encourage you to have multiple characters. there is account achievement for having a max level for every job and stuff that unlocked content like colors and stuff. (there's like a million achievement) I don't think people understand what they are asking for. it is already a bit harder than cms where you can one-shot almost everything. Even if you can get to 50 without the quest line you will still have to do the quest anyways to get the skill points that you get from the quest.

    I really think that everyone should give the game a chance and stop listening to people complaining who may have not even tried the game.
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  • Unfair treatment by Nexon Developers.

    This is exactly entitlement, providing good customer service to loyal entitled customers.

    This is the earliest recording I have of me playing ms provided I've been playing in kms 2004 to gms cbt/obt till now

    you have no entitlement. they don't owe you anything.

    You are right! They don't owe me anything, and I'm going to sound even more sour here; by saying Nexon is money grubbing and would rather displease vets than anything. Also, I have been onboard KMS 2004 too :) with my own legit Korean passport. So I'll add that they betrayed their own race too.

    At this point your just being pathetic.
  • MS Skills in RL

    Heal. And fix everything.

    RadiantRay wrote: »
    MMORPGs are not only multiplayer games but they're supposed to be MASSIVELY multiplayer. Why would any company try to design these types of games to be solo games just blows my mind, but that's pretty much the modern day mmorpg. I completely disagree with giving any player ANY kind of chance of soloing "party" content at all. What should happen is to make more content for solo play, that's what quests are for anyway.

    Also if the devs just want to power rush us through all the leveling content in the game then they should just remove the leveling system all together. It just blows my mind how these games can take years to develop only for the developers to negate all the hard work and money they put into these games by rushing you to "end game" so you can run the 2-3 end game raids on a weekly/daily cool down.

    I just really hope this Restart update isn't as bad as it sounds because I haven't played it before, I'm just taking everyone else's word for what it is. It would be a real drag to play 95% (I made up that number) of the game solo. Anyway I'm still going to explore every inch of the game world and do every single quest I can find

    It's funny how literally everyone is asking Nexon to keep ms group oriented. Like its not just me or you, I see this EVERYWHERE.

    yes its still too soon to judge but they will most probably follow kms2 =\