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  • Any1 tried grinding from 1-50???

    I tried to grind and not pay attention to epic quests. However, it was too hard. They need to buff the exp received from monsters. It is still not enough.

    Exploration goals are fun though.
  • Why Dungeon Limits Keep The Game Fair For Everyone

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    But you realize that by limitations it will prevent future new players from catching up much more easily. They will be stuck in a lower area of the game where nobody will play because by that point all of us will be at level 50
    I'd rather have a lower drop rate and still have a possibility of increasing my gear score by putting in a time investment rather than getting cucked by the 10x a day limit and not being able to progress due to RNGesus.

    This is a good point i did not consider and is probably the strongest argument against the limits. The fact that kMS2 had to give away equipment to close the gap is evidence of this issue.
    Because Reboot is significantly less p2w than the other servers?

    I guess i should elaborate. Reboot server is nowhere near as popular in kms version as it is in the gms version. kMS's normal servers have a better economic state. Making it easier to progress in that version than ours. gMS was so screwed by botters to the point that meso was worthless and rmt was the only option.

    In conclusion. I just dont trust in Nexon's ability to properly balance the game after removing the limits.

    Odds are nexon probably will remove the limits. Just be careful what you wish for and don't be surprised if a new set of problems arise and the worth of your efforts drop significantly. Maybe nexon can prove me wrong. I hope so.

    Maplestory 2 allows one to buy Mesos with Merit. Therefore, no RMT.
  • Why Dungeon Limits Keep The Game Fair For Everyone

    Compare this limit to other MMORPG"s in the market. FFXIV, WOW, GW2, and ESO for an example. Do any of those have a dungeon limit? Nope they do not. How successful are they? They are very successful. The thing is the in the West Dungeon limits just do not work. It is a poor game design to deter players to go play other content in the game. However, instead of this poor deterrence why not incentivize other game content? ? For an example, make pvp have a incentive. Make world bosses and field quests/mobs have incentive./ Therefore, players would go to that content on the game. Finally, how is a dungeon limit make things fair? I guess all of the other great MMORPG's are not fair then? Since they have no dungeon limit? In the end, dungeon limits is poor game design and that is why so many people are against it.
  • Cash Shop items price no P2W?

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    Ughghgh that special outfit crystal >.<. I wonder what that "Bonus Dungeon Reward Voucher" contains...

    Thanks bud :)
  • Cash Shop items price no P2W?

    Ughghgh that special outfit crystal >.<. I wonder what that "Bonus Dungeon Reward Voucher" contains...