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  • How to fix the game for the better

    DanDK wrote: »
    The reason the caps exist is because the dungeons are braindead. Removing them would be like just giving out the rewards for free.
    They should design dungeons like normal MMOs where clearing them requires time and effort, then they wouldn't need caps at all.
    Yeah, I hope exploration and world-building is the direction the devs will take for GMS. We can only hope, I guess. /shrug

    After the epic quest to rush people to dungeons (which they refused to change since CBT), 2 weeks of dungeon double drops, 1 week of hard dungeon double drops, and 1 month of raid focus content? Not to mention that every single attempt at feedback regarding game focus has been neglected because these issues were pointed out ever since CBT. The direction is set in stone now.

    This is pretty much the main issue I feel as well along with current mess that is multiple layers of RNG. The current content in the game really isn’t that hard. Not even CDev is challenging, but it feels challenging because it has a high hp bloat. Something like CMoc is definitely something they should be aiming for for with each chaos raid if they want it to actually be high skill raiding. But because everything up this point has been bosses with annoying (not really hard when you look at it) mechanics a lot of people weren’t ready for what feels like a huge jump. It’s even worse that they made the gearing process seem faster than it was with 3 weeks straight of double drops instead of actually fixing the issue at hand. People got used to and probably felt that that pace is how things should have been but got put back into slogging around after it was all done.
  • Healthy discussion: RNG Gating

    Adartaer wrote: »
    FeverJaws wrote: »
    all i am seeing is that you want everything to be given without effort.. no thanks but your welcome to play wow, eso etc. for that purpose
    I agree with 100%
    I remember old times of mmos where you have to grind months to get item with 0,001% probability. Good old times never come back ^^

    That was back when a lot of these types of games were just starting to pop up. A lot of the audience at that time were also a lot younger so they had immensely more free time than they more than likely do now. And so those same people finally realized that spending months watching numbers and doing the same mundane things to finally get that one item with such a low chance or finally get to the "end" is not fun nor is it really rewarding. Also these people aren't saying "give me max gear right away". They're actually working for it but then they eventually hit a wall because they're unlucky. Not because they aren't putting in enough effort.
  • Life expectancy of Maplestory 2

    Glirotus wrote: »
    When people reach Max level they tend to drop off sometimes. If this happens too quickly or people become too busy then maybe this will impact the life expectancy. Right now it is too early to tell.

    Maple 1 has been around for around 15 years with constant sign ups so I am hoping this can last as long if not longer. (=

    but for now, it is too early to tell

    Ms1 is still really only alive because of the Reboot world. A world where you can’t buy an advantage and you have to actually grind out the mesos to buy the cubes then deal with a far worse RNG system than most games. All the other worlds are completely dead minus the people that shelled out too much money to want to quit their character.
  • The amount of people complaining is just crazy

    WiLBoY wrote: »
    lillucario wrote: »
    WiLBoY wrote: »

    That's what's wrong with society these days. Everyone wants things handed to them instead of working for it.

    Asking for nerfs or free items is a loser mentality.

    “People want things handed to them” ... Idk what you’re seeing but a lot of people posting are putting in countless hours into dungeons and other characters yet get cucked by RNG. I think that’s the complete opposite of wanting free things. They just want to be rewarded for all that time they just put in. There’s nothing skillful about getting a +15 weapon or 20% piercing/other sub stats. It’s just a matter of who gets lucky or not and can tolerate wasting their time week after week thinking “okay this attempt will be the one!”

    You get the usual threads where people really are just asking for handouts and don’t give any possible solutions to the problems but other than those, people on this forum actually want the game to change for the better.

    I'm not sure what you were expecting playing a RNG MMO then. Let's just give everyone the same items. Some of us run 6-9 character a week on Fire Dragon and have yet to even see a unique drop for the past month but that's just the way things are sometimes. You can still make gold through those alts and purchase the item you need.

    +15 is overrated. Most players with +15 don't even do enough damage because they play so inefficiently anyways.

    If we're talking things like Varrekant's Wings or of the same rarity, obviously those should be RNG. I'm talking about the amount of layers of RNG on things like bonus attributes or enchanting your weapon. For attributes, you have to pray you get the actual roll on the armor/wep then you have to pray it's actually a high enough value. For weapons, you have to pray you get the direct weapon so you can possibly have more attempts throughout the week, then you have to pray those attempts pass. They could easily get rid of all these trash stats like "decrease knockback by x" that are only there simply to decrease the chance of you getting the actual valuable rolls. Less RNG to deal with, but not exactly handing the stats out to people.

    The gemstone system is completely terrible because a majority of people can't really access them since for whatever reason they decided to put a lot them behind B4 treasure dungeons and those keys are even worse to get since you have to pray to RNG and hope it isn't another B1 key. Then upgrading those gemstones is a completely different mess.

    Just because some people play terrible with or without a +15 weapon doesn't make it any less desirable. It will definitely be needed once CPap comes out. And skill alone won't be enough in this game to kill it.
  • What is the RNG in this game?

    FeifeiDu wrote: »
    You do know that before in KMS2 and CMS2 when you fail above +10 your weapon is gone right. Which makes +12 super rare You are lucky that global don’t do that anymore. Stop complaining or just quit

    The game itself is lucky they didn’t do that. If they did this wouldn’t have lasted past the second week more than likely. No one enjoys being punished for trying to progress for no reason other than the devs trying to make the game “last longer” by making people restart all over again.