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  • Founder's Pack Headstart

    I personally don't think the founder's pack headstart is "P2W," but I've seen discussions around the forums arguing that it was. What are you thoughts on this?

    Nha mate, as long as they nerf the god level OP fishing, this headstart is in no way a P2W system. Pff level 50 with good starting gear for raiding, before the game even comes out for everyone please.

    ~ Tbh the bigger joke is for the founder pack Rune Blader mains >.>
  • do something about the exploits/exploiters

    There's no way for them to do this where they come out on top.
    If they remove the exploit but leave the leaderboards the same, they've given every cheater a free founders pack.
    If they remove the exploit and clear the leaderboards, they're going to kill off what little playerbase they have left. No matter what compensation they give.
    If they remove the exploit and ban known exploiters, the cheaters that survive the banwave still profit from exploiting since there's no way they can track it.
    They really can't win with this.

    Also can't help thinking that the only reason this wasn't found in the beta is that people cheated with it then too, but kept it a secret since it was only a weekend long. So I'd consider those ranks illegitimate too. But who really knows, at this point?

    Pretty sure at this point Nexon needs to set a precedent on acting on rule breakers.

    Below is a dude (who will not be named) is within the top 25, on the ranking boards. They flat out retweeted a post from Maplestory 2 and goes "Yes I cheat, I do not care, I want to win the prize", when a rule in Nexon's ToS clearly stats that players are not allowed to exploit glitches. By not banning players of this level of bug abusing it is showing the community we can get away with abusing bugs.

  • do something about the exploits/exploiters

    Nexon is doing something about exploiters, they are giving them free Founder packs. Along with protecting them from being called out by the community.
  • Was excited..

    I'm beginning to think that very many people did not actually read or fully grasp what is included inside of the founders' pack. Either that or I'm beginning to lose more and more brain cells.....hm.....

    Don't think you are reading the same founders package information as those other people. Let me translate the page for you.

    Before: unknown.png?width=500&height=255

    After: p2w.png?width=500&height=255
  • Was excited..

    Czare wrote: »
    the ghost of Unlimited

    It would be funny if it was, but I doubt this was from Unlimited. He would have used one of his 4 like spam alts, and make a 20 paragraph essay on why this game is bad.