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  • Unable to update game? Please answer ASAP!

    CuddlesToday at 12:30 PM
    We found the cause regarding the pre-download issue for the name reservation client and we are working on a fix right now. If is not resolved by 10:30 AM PDT then we will most likely delay the name reservation. If there is a delay, our team will provide a 1 hour advanced notice before we begin.

    CuddlesToday at 12:40 PM
    UPDATE: Due to issues with the client, the Name Reservations event will be delayed. Our team will provide at least 1 hour notice prior for the new time to reserve names. Please keep checking our social channels for updates.

    Hopefully it's fixed soon..
  • Maybe i missed it, was there a wipe from CB1?

    Yes throughout the entire CBT 1 the global chat was filled with this question.
    And it stands with this, CBT 2, also.
    Your character and all items you earned will be wiped at the end of the CBT ***UNLESS*** the event page specifically states these items will carry over to the official launch, examples of these are:
    Your founder pack items
    Your Roadtrip items
    Your Camper van mount from this CBT
    Your Star Adventurer title and Star Adventurer Hat (CBT1)
    Your class tournament shirt and name tag

    What does NOT carry over this CBT:
    The rainbow slime items (the event page originally said it did, but it was an error)
    The "love tornado" event mounts
    The fishing pets
    And of course, your character(s).

    Taken from the Closed Beta 2 has begun post.
    Data will be wiped when the Closed Beta concludes, to provide everyone with a fresh start on an even playing ground with the official release
  • Rainbow slime nest?

    I'm posting this in case anyone else has this question.
    From the CBT 2 events post:
    Rainbow Slime Event
    PDT (UTC -7): 10:00 AM July 18th - 10:00 AM August 1st
    EDT (UTC -4): 1:00 PM July 18th - 1:00 PM August 1st
    BRT (UTC -3): 2:00 PM July 18th - 2:00 PM August 1st
    CEST (UTC +2): 7:00 PM July 18th - 7:00 PM August 1st
    AEST (UTC +10): 3:00 AM July 19th - 3:00 AM August 2nd
    Want a cuddly little slime to take care of during Closed Beta 2? The Rainbow Slime event is the perfect excuse to get your friends to visit your house for some fun. Feed your slime, play with your friends' and help each other get some fantastic prizes!


    Upon logging into Closed Beta 2, you will be given the Rainbow Slime quest, which when accepted will reward you with a Rainbow Slime's Nest Furnishing
    Place your new furnishing item into your house and give it Rainbow Feed to help it grow!
    You'll gain Rainbow Feed over time as you're in-game, up to five per day.
    You can also play with your friend's slime, up to three times per day, giving both of you more feed to grow your slimes
    Players must be at least Level 10 to participate in the event
    Growing your Rainbow Slime will reward the following, based on Growth Level and via the "Get Gift" action:
    Growth Level 100: Title: Rainbow Rancher
    Growth Level 200: Flying Rainbow Slime Air Mount
    Growth Level 400: Rainbow Slime Pet
    Growth Level 500: Rainbow Slime Hairpin
    Your Rainbow Slime's Nest will remain available to use in your house even after the event is complete!
    Note: This post originally said that rewards would be also be sent to your character when MapleStory 2 is officially launched. This was in error, event prizes are for Closed Beta 2 only. We apologize for the error.

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