Let's enjoy the final days! Check out what changes and events started this March here: http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/news/article/56485/sunset-in-maple-world
MapleStory 2's servers will be officially closing on May 27th: http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/news/article/56486/service-discontinuation


If there are no issues when the time comes, I will hopefully be streaming the game. Expect more information when I get access through the game, either through Closed Beta or otherwise.


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  • IGN: Hiero Server: NA East An old mansion in the middle of nowhere, followed by a cobblestone path, looms you in with it's slightly ajar wooden doors. The couple who lived here, who birthed no children, have long passed, but there has been stran…
  • I just want to know where everyone is getting the idea that the majority of this game's playerbase are "casual". Am I considered "Casual" because I'm going to complete everything else before doing the hardest raid in the game? Am I a "casual" player…
  • XeenDread wrote: » Xionicomad wrote: » The quests aren't interesting lore wise. Baby away if it passes me through the boredom of MS2 lore. Not really, until the very end. The end leaves so much to be desired. Roddy or whatever his name …
  • Yeah it's a shame and I was expecting some difference during CBT1 to take place with my assassin character (considering I was seeing a lot of the Rooks running around in the story, especially early on) and even saw the leader of them later on yet t…
  • Play who you feel looks the best to you: Try him out in CBT2 if you manage to get in, otherwise just try every character out and see which one you enjoy. I played an Assassin on CBT1 so I'll be trying some other classes on CBT2 and see if I can find…
  • I think people are being too harsh before we even get to see the exchange rates. The hats will most likely not be $20 each and we're using unconfirmed numbers to judge on their prices, nevermind the fact they are subject to change because on release…
  • The hype won't die simply because the gameplay is going to keep people engaged, at least for a little while, to play the game. Big streamers were invited to CBT to help boost those numbers, people will join because they played Maplestory 1 and want …
  • Level 50 on day 3 of the CBT. I had a looot of problems with Stamina but I don't think my build was at all optimized. Put too much on the spread star skill (can't remember its exact name) and ended up hearing the stamina message way too much. Wil…
  • IGN: TylerTD Server: North America I just wanted a simple, humble home with the space that we had and couldn't have it exactly how I wanted, so I decided to innovate with it. The outside The house layout The Lobby The Bedroom …