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  • The next blog will say the same thing they always do. "We're listening please wait." Its been enough for plenty of people to be satisfied with the state of the game. They'll just keep going.
  • Kiymori wrote: » FeifeiDu wrote: » When a game is all about RNG and some player cheat RNG that’s no longer “stupid things” it effects others. I’m +12 legendary I worked hard to get to here and some idiot cheat and get +14? Lol use your brain nex…
  • Its nexon. They dotn have any balls and just want your money. They'll say whatever and slags living under bridges will defend them. At best what you'll see is a State of the Game post saying "Sorry we promise to do better! Just wait forever!" The…
  • While we're here. 3 day bans are the stupidest most pointless thing ever. Everything you need to progress in this game can be done in three days anyway so who in the cares about a 3 day ban?
  • It's not just the dungeons. Look around. The community for new players is a struggle because theres so few that stick around. If I just joined today I'd probably quit cause lack of friends
  • WiLBoY wrote: » MochiAi wrote: » WiLBoY wrote: » I think you're the one confused. It's a free to play MMO. You are comparing it with P2P MMOs where they have subscription for new content. A lot of these free MMOs rely on RNG and recycling cont…
  • DeadDream wrote: » I dont play from month now. RNG killed me and my friends... no luck... doing 700+ hard dungeons for what ? for nothing..... ( losing onyx at upgrade... ) never got B4 key... only 70+ b1... logging everyday and doing only 1 d…
  • XenociderOmega wrote: » Its just not Chinese meso farmers using bots now ppl in top 20 guilds are using bots to farm cherries and Nexon won't accept video proof I've heard from some ppl. Its terrible game design. They made a boring daily and we…
  • MochiAi wrote: » The game is in rapid decline. I hear they have something planned on January to try and boost the population again. We will see. However that content will only be available to the top 1% which will again lead to further decline.…
  • OP I feel you. That was amazing. I'm snapping my fingers and wiping tears
  • Cyrro wrote: » They promote social interaction way enough. Compose some music, play in an ensemble, chit chat around, build your house and get your friends to check it out, etc. Also, raids aren’t even out yet, only 4-man dungeons are. Also,…