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  • I can see now that there are some solutions to some of the issues I had. And as far as I can tell this game has improved over the time I was gone. So I've decided to just go back in and experience the game again. There is only so much I can tell …
  • Thanks for the answers! I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a new guild for I am quite the casual player. While I had some good experiences with interacting with other people I mostly remember the bad stuff. People insulting me and telling me to…
  • Well the dungeons can be quite fun if one wouldn't be forced to run the same exact one for the sake of progression. But as we are all well aware this is being discussed in multiple of threads so we can probably leave it at that. Additionally I as…
  • I initially thought FD was quite fun. That ended quite quickly though. I have 4 characters all of which need Murpagoth weapons. I'm not sure how often I've done FD but I do have the account trophy for killing him 300 times. Besides that I have th…
  • DracoKami wrote: » Couple of things to respond to your post. I think it is totally alright for those elements not to appeal to you. But that's really more of a subjective point. A lot of people do like the repetition of MMOs (there's a reason…
  • I understand your viewpoint on all this but I must admit that I'm not able to agree personally. Nearly all activities in this game besides the dungeons or very boring and repetetive. Fishing? So mind numbing that you are supposed to go afk - usi…
  • LimeCode wrote: » The reason they won't do this is because one dungeon will become tronix. Then the rest will become ghost towns. I'm sorry but you seem to have misunderstood something. My suggestion has nothing to do with normal dungeons. Ther…
  • Hello. I started with the steam release so i'm quite the new player. I have a coupe of questions: 1. When I'm using the Party Finder does it matter on which channel I'm on or does it look for players on all channels? 2. Is there anything I can…