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  • Lel just gitgud ! Oh wait, triggered people are approching. Imo the raid is fine. Not only because "i cleared it, because im +15 and you moron cant get to even +14" Codex proove to everyone That raid can be cleared in 7 minute less With +15…
  • I have so much onyx crystal with my alts, my problem is more about the weapon copy because i when i'm at 30 dungeon on my main, i'm stuck for my progression, my alts can only help to farm onyx witch are not really a problem for me since i don't upgr…
  • Hmm, last try for me, then i quit Why dont you as for an OTHER pack ? With OTHE exclusive, because yes, i understand your need tout reward the gale for the fun it gave you, but you are not à FOUNDER. Let me give you an exemple: You develop…
  • You dont understand my point. This was a gift for People Who help the launch, allowing MS2 to get a well-sized team, maybe more servers, ect... But its hard to ask People to pay for something they know nothing about. So they give exclusive gi…
  • Of course People Will argue against that, and its perfectly understandable. I mean "founder pack" have this name for something, it's because People gave this money in order to help the launch. Yeah it was a step for you to put 25$ in the game wit…
  • To answer you, Dreaming, some Hard dungeon CAN drop tradable items but with same rate than purple in normal dungeon, so it's no easier to make money in hard
  • Salt, salt everywhere I looted 0 purple items since 1rst october in normal dungeon, but i managed to buy your '"overpriced items" for 2 character, soon 3. 15 millions can be farmed, and when you see the lootrate, it's totally deserved to sell …
  • Il est possible qu'avec la lenteur actuelle du forum, dûe aux fortes connexions liés, elles-mêmes, à la maintenance, j'ai accidentellement cliqué 2 fois sur le bouton "Submit", et je n'ai pas l'impression de pouvoir supprimé mon 2nd post, alors si u…
  • At least you got a purple I up 1 char and 1 alt after the 1rst reset, so i did 90 dungeon and didn't get any purple I had to buy them at the Black Market because i don't want to start the next reset on normal dungeon, i needed to use all mon…