May 27th is finally upon us. Please feel free to join us on the last day as the servers come down one by one. More details here:
MapleStory 2's servers will be officially closing on May 27th:



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  • THE HYPE IS REAL!!! Alguem jogou o servidor coreano ou o chines? Eu- joguei o cbt e obt do KMS2, muito lag, mesmo com VPN e na epoca tava me mudando de casa, entao internet zuadissima... Espero que no global tenha bem menos lag, jesus cristo e…
  • 3FeetOfFun wrote: » Preversive wrote: » 3FeetOfFun wrote: » Preversive wrote: » tachiorz wrote: » I see almost all European countries, but Ukraine isn't listed.…
  • Preversive wrote: » Catooolooo wrote: » the server (from my experience from both CMS2 and KMS2) is likely only going to be 1 for the CBT (to centralize the players), and since it will transfer into the actual release, my bets are that the server…
  • lppu wrote: » Eh, Maplestory 2 is a different game with I'm assuming different devs. So I'm hoping for the best. We all are. That's my mantra for at least couple days, lul
  • Peskel wrote: » Nobodypoor wrote: » Check to see if you are still signed in to your account on the road map. I thought that, too. I am still logged in and was logged in while doing the rewards. Same for me, I'm redoing the tasks but the re…
  • GregoRoach wrote: » Someone else already made a
  • NXACuddles wrote: » MapleStory 2 is on its way to Closed Beta, and we want your help to spread the word with the Road Trip to Closed Beta event page to get started! You have until 2:59 PM PDT on May 6th, 2018 to complete your activities, so don't …
  • Guri wrote: » Tá chegando a Hora!!!! VAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Shiyuri wrote: » if u driving the speed CAR' then u still want to driver the bicycle? Vrumvrum Ferrari N# 1!
  • TheWanted1 wrote: » Introducing myself for the road trip of course hyped for MS2~ Hi TW1. Guess we all doing that XD still.. HYYYYYYPE!!
  • robflop wrote: » Hello everyone, looking forward to playing alongside all of you. Hi rob. It seems the playbase is already super friendly. I look forward to kill many bosses with 20+ ppl along
  • Simz wrote: » what did the chiken say to cross the road? BKAAAB BK BK BKAAAB,- because a chiken cant talk! Never heard a chicken say "bkaaab bk bk bkaaab", guess it likes Burger King very much then. :T
  • ThePr0Per wrote: » Hype!!!!!!!!!!! Hyyyyyyyyyyypee!!
  • SmackYouUp wrote: » It's almost that time to get back into the awesomeness of my childhood! Hope to see everyone in game. Cheers! I remember the same way about MapleStory, when it was announced to release in Brazil and got in the CBT!! Same h…
  • Mattaj wrote: » Hello everyone, I have seen the trailer and it bought me. Never heard about Maple Story but I am eager to put my hands on it. I cannot wait to create my character and have an adventure in this amazingly looking world. I enjoy sc…
  • thesilentwonderer wrote: » Have a good day everyone ! You too bud! :P