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May 6, 1992
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If chivalry is dead, then I am its reincarnation~
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  • DeaFiore
    Hey there! I am updating the google doc compilation of guilds recruiting for MapleStory2 so everyone has a easier time of finding the guilds they are looking for. If you could just answer a few questions for me I can mark your guild as up to date.

    1) Are you still intending to run your guild for CBT as well as Launch of MS2?

    If you answered Yes please answer the following questions to get your guild advertised properly.

    2) What Server is your guild planning to play on? NA-West, NA-East, Oceanic, Europe, or South America.

    3) Are you a PvP, PvE, or PvX oriented guild?

    4) Do you have a age requirement? If so what is it?

    5) Do you label your guild as a social guild with social activities and or a content creator guild?

    6) Do you have a time zone that your guild will mostly be functioning around?

    7) Do you have a discord link you want people to come check out your guild through, that you want to advertise?

    Thank you for your time! I will be updating your guild listing on the sheet as soon as I hear back from you!

    12:02AM July 5, 2018
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