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January 26, 1998
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"even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return."
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  • Harutora
    Dear Gawerty,

    I'm glad to see Targex caught your attention and you show interest in joining, however I would like to warn you that the guild currently only consists of myself. I currently have 2 other applicants and will be reviewing them shortly.
    As of right now I aim to make Targex a tight knit family guild that for now, will take MS2 in a casual manner. However perhaps down the road we may also take a competitive approach depending on what majority of the guild wants. Even with being competitive we will also just run dungeons and other things in a casual manner too, just some of us will do things competitively as well.
    If Targex still appeals to you after reading this please join our discord: ( ). If you have any questions/concerns please message me back and I will reply as soon as a can with an appropriate response.
    4:42PM October 21, 2018
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