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Thank you Nillie, Jazz and Yandere for the good time but I'm sick of some of this community members and so I decided to leave MS2 for real. Cya o/


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Remember what you must do when they undervalue you, when they think your softness is your weakness, when they treat your kindness like it is their advantage. You awaken every dragon, every wolf, every monster that sleeps inside you and you remind them what hell looks like when it wears the skin of a gentle human.

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  • Nilie
    e ae rapaiz, o que houve? entrei no discord e não tem mais server, fui na área de recrutamento e ela ta fechada, que que aconteceu?
    6:07PM June 30, 2018
  • Thank you Nillie, Jazz and Yandere for the good time but I'm sick of some of this community members and so I decided to leave MS2 for real. Cya o/
    8:39PM June 18, 2018
  • Sfer

    I actually wanted to ask you some questions about your guild banner. I'm putting one together myself but I am having a hard time getting the proper sizes to display in Maplestory's input box.

    I noticed your advert was one entire image and was wondering what tool you used to make these forums accept that kind of proportion?

    For instance, I was using paint to put all the graphical assets I had into one png... but the display sizes of those images in the maplestory forums would decrease every time I increased paint's canvas size.

    I appreciate any help you could give me!
    7:53AM June 9, 2018
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