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[Feedback] Combat System


  • LastLvlBossLastLvlBoss
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    I think overall the monsters after lvl 30ish, should be able to punish player who don't respect dodging or watching attack animations. You generally just feel overpowered after lvl 30 with Heavy Gunner

    If you would like any other suggestions or ideas, email me @
  • AlzackAlzack
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    In regards to CBT1, combat system remained the same and revolved around button mashing. It was simple yet pleasant aesthetically, classes didn't seem to have anything significant that would make them stand out of each other. I didn't feel like stat system changed anything in context of battle during this testing period, each stat provided basic non-detailed information (I would prefer if it was detailed to know which stat would be better to focus on) and it didn't matter whether I put points in Strength, Dexterity, Health or Crit Rate. Macro structures were fine but hard to execute, I had an impression that skills declared for single macro were launched randomly in a separate manner instead of having any pattern. Also it didn't take any effort to obtain abilities, reaching appropriate level was everything I had to do. I would be more satisfied if skills, unlockable by completing class quests, appeared in the future.

    From Knight's standpoint, I felt okay with my skills, I think that pleasure with battle is a matter of personal preference and I built my character to fulfill both offensive and defensive role. I like having 2 invincibility auras to protect party members against enemy, Divine Strike and Typhoon Slash offer some nice damage output, I'm content with Stinging Flurry being a rapid piercing attack to support main DPS abilities and Drill Thrust is another Dash opportunity to me. Party buffs, albeit strong and noticeable, have a very short range and I have to plan ahead in order to let them reach every player of team.

    If I have to suggest anything, I think I miss utility of Shield (or even its weight as one of damage indicators) for attack and would be happy if there were some skills that change means of defense into something aggressive. Also more abilities that benefit teamplay as well as some Tactics Manoeuvers (party members get random positive or negative effects in the vicinity of Knight), more diversity options to create unique skill builds would be appreciated.

    Some examples from Tree of Savior: Shield Bash, Shield Charge
    Some examples from Ragnarok Online: Sacrifice, Grand Cross, Battle Chant, Shield Spell, Earth Drive, Trample, Reflect Damage, Piety, Prestige, Banding
  • LoonaLoona
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    I feel a lot of classes are extremely underpowered, i.e. Thief and Wizard.

    It was extremely difficult to go through dungeons solo and annoying as I had to queue for people to help me for every dungeon as a Wizard/Thief couldn't handle it on their own.

    They need to be powered up a bit, they're too weak.
  • ShángSháng
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    I really enjoy the combat system.
    Playing as a Knight in CBT2 learning the boss mechanics for Knight's block brought my back to expedition days of Maplestory.
    Learning attack patterns to maximize damage output was a lot of fun as well.

    - Shang
  • DelusionalDreamDelusionalDream
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    I just have a small comment to say about 1 skill on 1 class, i only play thief in every game and haste is by far my favorite skill.
    I was sad when i used haste for the first time in this game its almost completely useless i feel like we as dual dagger up close fighters with low hp need more mobility to avoid death.
    i fell like haste needs to be reworked to trigger speed-evasion not attack seeing as survivability is a extremely necessary thing for someone who has to hug boss with 2 hit hp along with the massive drain on your spirit points which leaves you in the worst possible scenario when facing a boss.
  • HerBedToyzHerBedToyz
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    @NXACuddles I honestly think that fair fight need to be removed honestly just make the game harder for nothing like wait 2 hours to kill a boss lvl 18 when ur lvl 50 .... due to lack of player at that moment doesnt make any sense
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