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[Feedback] Side Activities


  • PlanetHaPlanetHa
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    Imberis wrote: »
    ThijsB wrote: »
    ThijsB wrote: »
    Great addition to the game!

    I just played Spring Beach with tons of other people. But it was impossible to play because of the many players with nametags. You couldnt see any blocks moving. So 95% of the players were kicked out in the first round. Maybe you can make the players transparent

    Also, if you lose this minigame, you can't leave the area until the game is finished. You can leave other minigames if you lose.

    Yes, this truly annoys me, especially if I lose in the first round! Then you just have to sit there and wait for the game to finish.

    Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the side activities. I like the mini-games, and I'm having fun finding all of the exploration goals. My one gripe with those is the "sit for five minutes" ones. That's kind of excessive, and it feels pointless. Maybe tune it down to two minutes?

    Hitting esc will usually give you the first option to leave the mini game and have you wait 10secs. Same goes for dungeons.
  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    generally speaking, i LOVE music! it's a nice addition to the game and my guild is having a great time getting together and playing stuff. however, for music (and also fishing) i think if you have auto perform tokens in your inventory you should be able to use those to renew your auto playing/fishing rather than just merets. the whole point of the auto function is so you can afk for a while and still get stuff done so we should be able to have the option to use those as well.

    also, i think its odd that the duration of the auto play things actually continue to tick down when you aren't using them. if we're paying for a certain amount of time of auto music/fishing we should be getting that amount of auto music/fishing.

    for minigames i really enjoy most of them, but i'm still encountering a few clipping issues in ludi escape which makes it hard to deal with. and with the OX quiz, some of the answers are a bit ambiguous. i realize that you would want to implement some trick questions but there are a few that are seriously up to interpretation based on language or localization.

    i haven't yet tested the arcade games however i think you should really consider adding omok and match cards to the game (with a lfg type system so we can play against other players). its a major iconic part of maplestory and i know this isn't the same game but i think it would be a nice nostalgic touch.
  • YlloYllo
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    edited 1:08AM July 29, 2018
    Can you guys make it so all side/harmony tabs in a song matches the tempo (t120) for what is set in the melody its a pain to always having to edit the harmony tabs to all match the different tempos and to find where exactly the change is happening so it's not out of sync
  • JoystickJungJoystickJung
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 585
    Posts: 18
    Side activities are one of my favorite implementations into the MMO genre.
    Unfortunately the frequency of them and the general uselessness of rewards seems to make them feel not as exciting as I'd like.
    Also, due to the fact that guilds and users can obtain a near endless supply of these minigames, I feel no pressure nor incentive to participate in the games for a long period of time.

    Limited time events like the special dungeon seem great assuming they are for a limited time and the rewards are somewhat more, rewarding.

    Music playing is a wonderful skill, but I would really love to see a "playlist" ability implemented. Currently users will AFK music and play a single song on repeat for hours on end to increase their skill.

    At the very least, implementing the ability to rotate a fresh set of songs with every play would make the activity less annoying and I'd be more likely to unmute music players.

    Personally I could see a bag similar to chair-bags or accessory-bags from MS1 holding multiple songs, and when using an instrument you can place the bag into the score slot rather than a single score, and it will then play all the songs in the bag in order of the inventory slots.

    I'd also like to see an option to isolate specific performers because Ch1 Tria is currently a hellhole the likes of which are unknown to the common musician.
  • ThijsBThijsB
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    I have been doing the life-skills for the duration of the closed beta. I am now level 7 in Craft Smithing (7 out of 13). But I don't think it is that worthable to do the mining everyday. I am able to craft beserkers gear, but since I already have epic gear, it is totally useless for me. Also, the gear that you craft is "exceptional", early on, it can be helpfull but also consider that it takes some days to get to the level to even craft the gear. But when you reach lvl50, it is completly useless and a big waste of time at the moment.

    Please consider this for the final release!
  • OpalthiraOpalthira
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,030
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    edited 2:07AM July 30, 2018
    I would like if you could make Tempo global as mentioned in this discussion here. Making the tempo global (all under one track) would make composing more accessible and less time consuming.
    The current way you have it now just takes so much time. This is because you have to add tempos to every track for every track.
    That mean you could have to spend hours putting in 30 tempos into 10 tracks.
    On top of having to cut notes into pieces to fit tempos where they need to be not to cause a desync.
    For advanced users it might be easy to deal with but new comers won't know what they are doing.
    Please consider making Tempo Global.
  • LumithepandaLumithepanda
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    edited 7:25PM July 30, 2018
    Would really love an option in-game to "flag" certain questions for the OX quiz as needing review by a GM/community manager for accuracy - a few questions I've come across have faulty wording (EX - one of the questions asked me "In Greek and Roman mythology, Zeus marries Hera", when Zeus and Hera are only Roman gods..their names change from Roman to Greek). I realize most probably just Google the answers to these..but it would be really nice to have a manual review system in place. Perhaps have a penalty for people reporting these erroneously too often/"trolling" the system.

    Also, please please let us leave the spring beach minigame if we lose. We're able to leave every other game as far as I'm aware, but being stuck and not even being able to go out onto the beach area is a major bummer - either let us leave or let us roam free, please!
  • AnOldGeezerAnOldGeezer
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    pholtos wrote: »
    "Everyone gets a prize"'
    Except they don't. :P

    They should get 1 EXP xD
  • AnOldGeezerAnOldGeezer
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 3,550
    Posts: 321
    Also do sidequests only give 5%?
    I only ever remember getting just 5% per quest
    I tried leveling to 50 by sidequest / killing monsters alone...
    not even Lv.30 yet

    I might be wrong I hope I am.. my memory is awful
  • DishyDishy
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 420
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    Please prohibit the Ad balloons from placing on the stage in the Queentown, it is so annoying. (and also audience area if possible)
  • BrianLai30BrianLai30
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 715
    Posts: 14
    Tempo doesn't really seem to work above 120. Tempo that is set to any value above 120 will just sound like 120
  • PixidosePixidose
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 645
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    This is like the best feature so far in MapleStory2 that I enjoy most, but is not all dandy, sometimes when you are lagging, your character will look like is moving but you would still lost the round, and although you can't control this some players would even call you bad names, which I choose to ignore or report. (This happens a lot in true and false, and I wish they wouldn't because not everyone knows everything. A lot of the questions are questions we don't ask in daily life, after all.)

    I have cases when I would have really bad internet connection and before the game even started it would kick me outside of the arena with no rewards. I feel like people who at less try to participate and lost on the first round should get at less a pity reward for trying.

    I love that "Dance Dance Stop" you can still dance even when you lost the round so I always stick around. I wish more mini games would have something similar too. Most people in Dance Dance Stop are very cooperative and I love that because they would try to help others out, and i would say about 90% of the times if they don't have a place to stand they wouldn't sabotage others, so I never fail to participate in this mini game.

    I only really tried three mini games because some of them gives me anxiety, like the races or the pvps, so I like that they give us three choices every time it pops up. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a bingo game just like Maple original, my boyfriend always enjoyed that (still does).

    I wish there were more music options OST for people who aren't able to compose their own. Composing music in the game with the T120 L4 etc etc is overly complicated for people with no music background.

    Sure we can read music sheets and try to make sense of it with what Maplestory 2 provides and google, but it still doesn't completely help us. Also not everyone has a music program to convert files, and although we can download it and learn it it still one step too many for a simple entertainment. Some people can go all hardcore when it comes to being the best, props to them but for something that is for side entertainment, sitting down and studying the functions for hours ends is a bit of an over kill.

    Don't get me wrong, I love performing, I have done it in other games with my keyboard but the system isn't as detailed/ complicated as Maple 2 has. If you guys could make the piano in game usable while composing rather than typing all the music sheet, that might make it easier. I'm better at visual and sounds rather than written and explanations.

    You know the little piano or fishing icon we get at the bottom of the screen? I wish we could drag it off to the side because I have tried many times to make a video but when I zoom in, it would get in the way of the video, that's only because I haven't figure out how to hide the user interface, I don't even know if you guys have an UI hiding function. I have tried to search for answers but I'm still not sure how to do it.
  • ImutoneImutone
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,120
    Posts: 55
    Some wonky OX quiz questions could be tweaked. Fishing seems less rewarding compared to performance so either increase the EXP for fishing or decrease the EXP for performances. Other than that, most social activities are fun because of the community. I appreciate how much freedom of speech there is at the moment. I would understand if UGC becomes more strict after this but I want the community to stay the same.
  • TehL337TehL337
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 370
    Posts: 15
    The minigames are a nice addition, something you can do to kill time and take a break from the questing/raids and just enjoy yourself. I think the only one i don't find fun is the ludi escape cause half the time the controls don't even register me hitting up when i'm like 2 inches off the box so :(. Musical instruments are some of the best things added for side activities. Saw many performances in queenstown ch1 that were amazing but I do wish there were more instruments such as drums (may be hard to implement it in) but damn there are some pieces I would need the drums and timpani ain't gonna cut it D: .
  • jazzrosezjazzrosez
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 400
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    Adding photos was great until it crashes the game.
  • VPencilVPencil
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 670
    Posts: 24
    I agree with what some other people said about making your character stand out more with large-scale group mini-games, because the race is impossible and spring beach is certainly difficult when I can't see myself. Overall, I think the mini-games are fun! The arcade is a little aggravating, though, and it took me forever to figure out how to unlock new minigames, and honestly, I didn't bother much with them for the longest time because I only had two available to me.

    Socializing is cool, but it was so laggy for me I hardly bothered. Most of the time I just partied up with people to raid.

    Fishing is absolutely terrible in the beginning stages. Nothing wrong with the interface, it's just super tedious. Make level 1 easier to achieve. Please. It's disheartening to spend twenty minutes fishing only to catch three 1 cm rice fish. Even the buffs didn't help me all that much.

    Also, I think it would be helpful to include foraging/mining lvl information on the maps, like it does with fishing. It's hard to me to find what's level appropriate for me, leading to me not spending that much time worrying about leveling up those crafts. It doesn't have to be anything much, just a little note to the side, like Tin Ore (Lvl 1), etc. And also it would be nice to show the stats of any gear your craft while smithing, because frankly, I didn't want to spend time and resources crafting something that I might not want.
  • YzuuYzuu
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 340
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    edited 11:20AM August 2, 2018
    Just a small bug I noticed in the mini games. If you use a skill by accident, the event NPC voice will be cut off. Not too important though because you can still read the instructions for the game.
  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 9,900
    Posts: 1,076
    edited 1:35PM August 2, 2018
    so a few more things:

    1) what is the point of used music scores? after you are done with them they just sit in your inventory. is it possible to make them usable again, or are they just so you have a record of a song? also, i wish at least the blank sheets stacked because i did a lot of music stuff and it really takes up a lot of inventory space.

    2) i wish you could assign colors to the different chats. my guild chat kept getting lost among the other things so i had to make a whole separate tab for it.

    3) i found the kay coin rewards to be quite underwhelming. the skills were kinda useless for me, just taking up inventory space. and the gear was blah. i understand the benefit of having gear that buffs certain things in minigmes, but it was kind of a hassle to remember to switch out that gear before the game started so i ended up often forgetting. and tbh, i didn't find they made that much of a difference when i did remember anyway. i wish they gave things like beauty street coupons, world chat coupons, auto fishing/music or walkie talkies, i think i would have got more use out of those types of things.
  • meeoutzidemeeoutzide
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 685
    Posts: 17
    I am not sure if the experience gained from side activities was modified for CBT to help the player reach end game levels. For example, I knew I was going to be afk for about an hour, so I set up at a fishing hole, grabbed an hour golden lure, and set auto fishing to an hour. I then come back after an hour and the character had gained two levels.
    I guess for some people, this would be great; just do side activities and level up to end game level. Well for me the side activities are just side activities, not the main game. I am glad that they are there, I can still be logged in to the game and end up afk, but my character is doing something constructive while afk.
    Hoots wrote: »
    Did an OX quiz earlier and the questions was whether or not ants and cockroaches could coexist. Most people ran to false, saying they could NOT coexist, but myself and two other people ran to true, meaning we said they CAN coexist. The answer the quiz gave was that they could NOT coexist. It stated that ants eat cockroach eggs.
    I remember that question. It was the first question and I got it wrong. I couldn't get to the next question.

    The hat in field didn't appear very often. I think I saw it at the very beginning of the CBT2, but never saw it again.
  • AlzackAlzack
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    edited 10:25AM August 5, 2018
    I really appreciate that there's a lot of things to do when I feel the need to rest from questing, side activities fulfill their purpose as enjoyable short-term distractions and level gap fillers. Mini games, albeit in need of further polishing, are a blast. I deem Dance Dance Stop my personal favorite and participate on the stage whenever possible. Maple Arcade had only 2 activities during CBT 2 but they were quite refreshing to try, nothing spectacular but I had some fun and look forward to unlock the rest in the future. While I'm not able to calculate how much of social aspect is hidden behind them anymore (people don't seem to interact longer than simple "Hello" emote and "GL & HF, GG" phrase as the time inside every mini game is short enough for any interaction, also you don't have many ways to cooperate with anyone), I agree that they're one of the most entertaining additions to the game right now. I think that they'll fill their role for a while until they get repetitive in the nearest future, I'd be more engaged with them if there were made any co-op group activities like Dodgeball, time-limited versions of Escape Room, Team Olympics, Pit Stop Challenge, Sheep Herding Challenge (that compose random teams of players with competitive mode) or even dynamic events set on open air - something that would connect large parts of community even more.

    Music performance and composition with MML-like system has been always a captivating feature and my Bard's soul is happy that it's implemented in MS2, stage of Tria is a main place where I meet new people. There's a variety of music instruments to choose from and I'm always able to find something neat for myself, however more songs - more fun so think about bringing even more unique tunes and performer's tools into Maple World. Blank performance scores don't stack and each single piece fills inventory fast, that would be great for development team to consider. Also text length for song's title is very limited, I'd love to give my creations appropriate names and not have a problem to remember which abbreviation feels correct. Hmm, what else to suggest? Themed performance stage for each larger settlement (rough sounds of timpani and taiko in the vicinity of Perion, water stage among forest of Ellinia, etc.). Why limiting every concert to just one hall inside capital city? :)

    Concept idea of fishing is still fun the way it is. If I had anything else to consider, it would be adding caught fish into inventory and having some interaction options: putting it into aquarium at house, slicing it and finding something inside (little ring, quest item, even smaller fish), using it for Cooking recipe.

    Side activities have a solid ground for enjoyment already and their leveling curve is fast (too fast in my opinion), I'd love it if all aspects of MS2 were developed with as much passion as what has been done here.
    Kind regards!
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