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[Feedback] Meret Shop


  • xempstxempst
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 580
    Posts: 6
    I think the meret shop prices are relatively reasonable. However, the price for the special hair is definitely too high. 590 meret per try. That is almost $6 just to have a random hair that most likely you don't want. Even with free 1000 meret each day, I still don't have enough to get the hair I want especially when I want to make an alt. I think the price should be around 290 meret.
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 630
    Posts: 3
    The transparency badge is way too expensive for what it is.
  • RaionheartRaionheart
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 755
    Posts: 16
    I would love to see a gacha system for a random pet in the Meret shop. So if you don't hardcore dungeon a lot you will still have a chance at getting a rare pet through gacha chance.
  • RaionheartRaionheart
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 755
    Posts: 16
    This is more on the black market-- but couldn't find any topic related to it. Can we have a way to see what's the lowest price in market when putting an item up for sale? It's really inconvenient to have to try and scroll through pages for the item you're selling to find current selling price.
  • PixidosePixidose
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 645
    Posts: 14
    Prices are actually affordable but I do hope that the balance between irl money and merit makes sense.

    I haven't seen a single expiration date in any of the items and I hope they keep it that way. That was my pet peeve in the original Maplestory, was the whole 30 days only items which pushed me to not buy anything at all.

    I hope the gears don't start adding stats to it or else it will become too pay to win and that never ends well in any MMO. Gear should be for fashion only but should also not be something you buy temperately. You don't go to a store to buy a cute outfit just for the mafia to come at your door step after 30days and ask you to return it, do you?
  • TehL337TehL337
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 370
    Posts: 15
    Prices on some things like instruments feel like should not be $2, heck slap them in npc cause that's not really cool that if people wanna make cool music but need a specific instrument they need to cough up $2 per instrument rather then like oh 500k meso. Surprised to see not much game breaking items in merets (it was CBT so maybe it will change, pleas dont..)
  • SuggSugg
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 440
    Posts: 15
    prices weren't awful some cosmetics seemed a bit much as well as mounts, the pay to revive system i believe is not very fun, pay to win is going to be an option, and might only attract long term players with a higher income.
  • DrinkTeaDrinkTea
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 910
    Posts: 21
    edited 1:06AM August 2, 2018
    AG_GG wrote: »
    Do NOT sell infinite revives per encounter/elixirs. Why sell these p2w features? People like myself will not continue playing the game if you keep trying to push this p2w stuff. You can make more than enough profit on the game just by selling cosmetics, work on that and stay away from p2w.


    I mean, I'll be f2p so I can complain about so many things being locked away from me, but I'll try to be unbiased.
    It's a bit pricey. It's $1 per 100 merits, and a majority of the items are listed over 1,000 Merits. I understand that the main reason the game exists is to profit, but maybe tune the prices down a bit? Thanks. Also...

  • VerloVerlo
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 3,000
    Posts: 174
    edited 4:55AM August 2, 2018
    I would like to really like to see unlocked dyes be ACCOUNT-BOUND please.

    If you want to add special dyes that cost meret to buy then fair enough.
  • RoselynRoselyn
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 620
    Posts: 3
    I think world chat is a bit steep, same with the transparency badge. Maybe half of what it is would be fair for the badge. World chat, I'm not sure.
    I'm happy that items are permanent so far;
    I never considered buying anything in MS1 because I knew it was temporary.
    More variety in pricing would be nice.
    And I agree, the random-chance hair is too much. 590 meret for the chance to get what you want? I wouldn't buy another style to fix it, I'd just keep it, if I spent that much on it.
    More clothing templates would be good, too. There's that gray camisole/short sleeve shirt; if that, or similar was a template, it would make it easier to create and share designs that don't have sleeves (esp keeping in mind skin tone differences.) Also the long, and ruffled skirts, and weapon templates that aren't just boxes. I'd like to make a scepter for my preist that doesn't look like a cereal box on a stick. The end doesn't have to be round, it could be a 'jewel' shape; a low level scepter exists in game with a similar shape.
    This leads me to another thing: I miss being able to wear low level gear as clothing. There were a couple pieces I didn't want to part with, a couple weapons I enjoyed the look of. The premium covers helped somewhat, but I wasn't always able to find what I wanted in the store.

    Also, the auto-badges; these do have a time constraint, but I think they're a decent price regardless. Auto-farming for a month for just under 400 meret. I like it, but I wouldn't have less fun without it, and with the restraints on life skills in existence, the true benefit is less mashing space to get corn. I wouldn't like to see additional time constrained items in the cash shop.
  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 9,900
    Posts: 1,076
    overall, was pleased with how the meret shop looked and worked

    1) all weapons should cost the same. not sure why a dual wielding class has to pay for 2 full price weapons when the others only have to pay for 1. i mean, i get it, its 2 weapons vs 1, but i don't think that's quite fair.

    2) all mounts and outfits (if not class specific) should be transferable between all characters on an account. also mounts imo are a bit too expensive as they sit right now.

    3) make transparency badges cheaper or cost mesos. most games give this option either for in game currency or a built in ui
    option, we should have the same here.

    4) some packages and sets have parts of them available for individual purchase but not the whole outfit. i shouldn't have to buy a whole outfit just for a pair of pants. every piece of an outfit should be available to buy and the package should be a slight discount for buying the whole thing together.

    4)still unsure why it's so expensive for a random hairstyle, shouldn't it be less costly since there's a chance i wont like it?

    5) our inventory slots should be much cheaper or cost mesos since we are almost forced to buy some. ex: because of the way life skills works, our consumables inventory is almost always or at capacity, especially as you get higher ranked.

    6) bring back those cute black thick rimmed glasses ^_^

    8) i LOVE the instruments, and want to collect all of them

    9) the outfits currently available are really nice, i hope you add more at a regular pace.

    10) i think the ugc meret shop could use a bit more organizing as its hard to sort through everything, and will be even harder at launch.

    11) tiny thing, but i wish you could use the mouse wheel to scroll through pages.
  • YzuuYzuu
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 340
    Posts: 8
    Just wanted to drop in a tiny suggestion here. Closed Beta 2 only represented a small portion of the Maplestory community. And even from that there was a tonne of content uploaded. I can see this getting a little out of hand with the amount of customization available through player made content. For the meret shop in particular, we'd probably be expecting hundreds and hundreds of pages, despite there being filters and different sections already. Please make it possible to scroll through the pages, instead of having to manually click the arrow. Feels much more intuitive that way, at least in my opinion. Also, I will be assuming that the game masters already have their plans on how to filter out inappropriate content and stuff like that.
  • xCarnifexxCarnifex
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 440
    Posts: 5
    More premium outfits, weapons. I'm not a huge fan of UGC. And again the premium hairstyle (the 590 random one) is seriously too expansive.
  • HigashiKazeHigashiKaze
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 540
    Posts: 4
    edited 5:26PM August 2, 2018
    I appreciate the permanent items in the meret shop, the prices seem reasonable too. It would be nice if we were able to save hairstyles and faces that we already bought and change them anytime for mesos like in MapleStory 1 though.
  • AlzackAlzack
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 3,745
    Posts: 167
    I'm very satisfied with Meret Market's asortment, prices seem to be reasonable and items are permanent in most cases. I appreciate that there are no Gachapons available there (excluding voucher for special hairstyle) and hope that whole Cash Shop remains that healthy as long as possible.

    Some things to consider, in my opinion.
    • take Elixirs away from Meret Market and make them available through active playing only (they shouldn't appear inside Cash Shop in the first place)
    • add both options to hide Main-Hand Weapon and Off-Hand Weapon for Transparency Badge (it should avoid any issues with cape clipping)
    • set appropriate conversion rate of IRL currency for each region, 1 EUR doesn't have the same value as 1$
    • pick better wording for descriptions: "Untradable" status is misleading and doesn't let you figure out whether item is account-bound or character-bound, ie. Snowflake is bound to character and there wasn't any other information about it than "Untradable" before purchase. On the other hand, Mint Bonito and Paper Airplane were tradable among alt characters of the same account despite their "Untradable" description.
    • adjust prices of items for classes that require using both Main-Hand and Off-Hand slots
    • more weapon and clothing templates (more shoe variety like sandals / slippers, hats, backpacks, hairpins, headbands, frilly skirt, short jacket, hooded coat / long jacket, bikini and swimsuits of any kind)
    • more music instruments and my Bard's soul will be happy
  • NekoLilyNekoLily
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,460
    Posts: 134
    The issue I had with some items in the Meret Shop is that part of them aren't dyable. I mean:
    You can have either the black or white kitty tail with the ribbon. The ribbon is pink. Not dyable. But what if I don't have that color scheme on my clothes? It would be better to have it dyable so you can actually buy it without trying to find a replacement and straight up go for wings.

    To go along with what stated, a total dyable Meret Item should be the least to get. If I don't like huh the black part of something, I should be allowed to dye it since I spent real money on it, right? What if I want a calico cat instead of the Codex but there's only the white one sleeping? That's what I mean.

    The Random Special Hair is too expensive, has the possibility to give you the same HAIRSTYLE you already have and a really high request on coupons to exchange it with the other NPC. There are various options to make it better for players:
    . Make a single one-time-only coupon to choose between those special hairs (that's given at a specific time: creation of character or level 50) and retain everything else to let everyone has the possibility to have their special hair, but still making moeny out of it if someone changes their mind.
    . Make the randomization cost way less (200-300 merets) WITHOUT the possibility to have the same hairstyle that is saved in the NPC at the right (so you MUST save your special hairstyles in order to avoid getting them)
    . Make the coupons required go from 15 to just 3-5.
    People might want to have more than one Random Special Hair, so these 3 options shouldn't really be an issue.
  • NavokiNavoki
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,010
    Posts: 18
    Prices seemed relatively fair to me, my only thought was that it seemed unfair for people who mained priest or other classes that required two weapons to be charged 500-650 merets for each weapon still.

    While not so much for other classes, those can add up for people that like to main priest for example.

    I personally mained berserker an thought other prices were pretty balanced.
  • Matt255ktMatt255kt
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 100
    Post: 1
    Fishing seems very beneficial in Ms2 but auto fishing requires Merets which will make it difficult for the F2P to use this mechanic and there should be an alternative where they can pay using in-game currency and reduce the amount of merets needed to auto fish.
  • KlaraKlara
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 865
    Posts: 19
    Could we please have the ability to scroll through pages with the mouse wheel?
  • DelusionalDreamDelusionalDream
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 100
    Posts: 2
    pardon the grammar
    I've played MS1 for 6 years and i completely fell in love with the game, with that in mind i would like to know if all pre-existing items from MS1's cashshop will be available for purchase inside the meret shop. I'm a fan of variety being able to walk around an entire server and seeing not a single person who looks the same.

    on a less significant note i did have a comment on the design shop
    I understand that everyone will take the easy way so copyright is gonna be a standard, but i felt as if people who use the design shop should be limited at the start making selling cap price that can only increase if the seller meets a certain milestones for their products they sell.
    this will encourage those who use the design shop as a cash flow source to be more unique with their designs instead of picking the first thing they see for a quick buck.
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