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The CBT Experience

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A lovely time filled with shenanigans, japes, glitches, GMs causing framerate drops by summoning monsters, and me finding out I can code so hard in the housing system that the game's ability to save code overloads entirely, making it impossible to code any further until I entirely delete the house design.

What are some of your CBT Experiences?
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  • KitsaraKitsara
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    I made looooooots of friends who I will have to add again once the game releases and I didn't know you could make jump quests, mazes with the building the interior of your house so I had a lot of fun with that, then I did dungeons which was death but all in all I found my game experience very pleasant. ^-^
  • BluclueBluclue
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  • AnOldGeezerAnOldGeezer
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    Bluclue wrote: »

    im dying lmfao
  • MarkMMarkM
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    I was very pleased with how my CBT 2 experience went, personally. :)

    While CBT 1 was a short, week-long solo romp for me where I made no friends and never made it to the end-game, CBT 2 was a fun-filled, two-week experience with a guild that I've come to form strong bonds with.

    I'm genuinely excited for official release and I hope that the gap between now and then isn't too long -- CBT 2 ends in a few hours but I'm already itching to hop back in-game :)
  • mmviimmvii
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    Yeah was great to get to learn some of the game. I had fun :).
  • BluclueBluclue
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  • LutiasLutias
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    Had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the game in these two weeks.

    Sadly, I spent most of my time waiting for friends to start playing the game (which they never did) and wishing that others I knew played on the same server. As a result, I didn't really socialize much and just explored the game on my own.

    I still had a blast and have high hopes for official release where I can (hopefully) play with friends.
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    I had a lot of fun, starting my own guild, building the Guild Hangout (cuz you can't customize Guild house) and hanging out with Said Guild.
    Para Para is the unofficial emote of my guild XD
  • MidbossMidboss
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    Sadly, I never ran into many other people. Most of the time when I seen a ton of people in one location it was 20 people playing the basic free song on there pianos and afk fishing people. :c
  • Ryia_ArcherRyia_Archer
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    I thoroughly enjoyed owning a housing plot in CBT because I know full well when release comes I'll be way too poor to afford one then.