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Class Storylines?

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edited 10:01PM July 18, 2018 in Classes
So when you pick your class in maplestory 2 you play this little class tutorial intro which ultimately ends up with your character heading to lith harbor to start the main story quest, I think I'm fairly deep into the main story right now and I haven't seen any progression at all when it comes to class storylines, I know this is just the closed beta, but do these actually end up progressing at all?


  • SubglaciousSubglacious
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    Nope, only the tutorials are different.
  • TylerTheDragonTylerTheDragon
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    Yeah it's a shame and I was expecting some difference during CBT1 to take place with my assassin character (considering I was seeing a lot of the Rooks running around in the story, especially early on) and even saw the leader of them later on yet they had no input or any resemblance. It'd be nice if we had some sort of optional post-epic story that lets us finish what we started depending on our classes, sort of like a final epic quest set that lets us help put our characters to rest, or at least help sate something like a "to be continued" or "next time we meet one of us will fall for good" kind of thing.
  • CouchCouch
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    The dialogue in the game when you get to the ellinia part basically treats your character as a magician no matter what class you are. If anything wizards are the only class that get any advancement in their story whatsoever.
  • CapturedRayneCapturedRayne
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    I've realized that this was the case after playing through my Priest and Wizard XD I hope they decide to add something later on related to the classes, like a side class questline.