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[Feedback] Server Stability


  • OvernOvern
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,005
    Posts: 42
    I had a few issues with the Oceania server, where I got disconnected and couldn't log back in... but I think that was just good ol' aussie internet since during one of those times it really was just the internet cutting out for 5-10 minutes. Other times it's happened is generally after loading screens, loading me into an area before disconnecting me. Usually it's an area with NPCs in it, be it a large city map or a tiny npc room.
  • ZyconZycon
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 905
    Posts: 39
    itzKris wrote: »
    I used to get better ping in CB1 having it rarely go above 100.
    Now, in CB2 and playing from Texas with the Eastern Server I get 90 or above ping, with it mostly in the 100s.
    Using the Western server I get 140 and above ping.
    Kinda disappointed with the worse ping this time around, but hopefully it helped those in the East and West.

    It did not help us. West ping is insanely high. I live in Vegas and average 120 ping. My friends in California have about 90 ping.

    My ping before was like 60 ping which was honestly okay and I could do everything I wanted with it. I know that east coast ping didn't improve much either which makes me feel like I should ask... why did we split servers again? I don't understand what the point of it was since almost everyone's ping is higher. You're also splitting the player base in a social game. We don't want that. We want to play with our friends. This issue is one of the largest problems for me. Some of my friends are even quitting because they're on east coast and we can't play together since I average 190 ping on east coast. It's insane.
  • MinxMinx
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 330
    Posts: 4
    While not always, the character home screen or sometimes other loading screens freezes during loading but the actual game isnt frozen. I have to minimize it to unfreeze it cause you can hear all the backround sounds of the map and other players so i know the game isnt frozen but rather its the loading screen that freezes.
  • JinzlerJinzler
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,100
    Posts: 60
    Great job on this aspect, Nexon! I am playing on the East server from the West Coast because I wanted to join my fellow guild members and am surprised at how well the game runs. I've had a constant 50 to 60 ping even in high density locations such as Tria or world boss fights, and haven't been disconnected or experienced lag before. Because of the time discrepancy between PST and EST, my review could only be for the non-peak periods.

    I'm playing this game on an Ethernet connection, and using 100 Mbps for Internet speed.
  • JetUppercutJetUppercut
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 5,535
    Posts: 299
    - Server Name: Oceania
    - Issue type: Desync
    - Channel: All
    - Location of where you experienced the issue: Everywhere

    Huge desync problems. Coming from the NA server with 710 ping to 100 ping on this server, it feels better overall. But when I get desync I have to restart the whole game to even play it properly again. Bosses teleporting around everywhere, enemies that die then come back to life, poison stacks disappearing, attacks phasing through enemies, being hit by attacks that were nowhere near me or didn't even happen on my screen. It's horrible. Didn't have any of these problems last beta. I just went through the Training Grounds dungeon and all 3 bosses teleported around and skipped/changed animations during attacks very frequently. I'll still take it over trying to play on 700 ping but when the desync is in full force it feels worse than playing in CBT1 did.
  • VilanaVilana
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 100
    Posts: 2
    US West and US East servers are in the same location as far as I can tell (same ping in either one). Both seem to be around the East Coast, maybe the Chicago area. I see no reason to split the servers if there are no ping advantages.
  • GahnoGahno
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 380
    Posts: 14
    Server Name: Europe
    - Issue type: Ping
    - Channel: All
    - Location of where you experienced the issue: Everywhere

    I am experiencing 400ms latency playing from South Africa. Normally Europe servers average around 200ms. Regardless of online games I play. MOBA / MMORPG they all average around 200ms. Not sure if it is the CBT2 server issues or what. but it is crazy to be 400ms.
  • solartech0solartech0
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 760
    Posts: 6
    I'm not certain if this belongs here or not, but I get tons of lag whenever I do crafting activities. It really shouldn't be so laggy.

    NA west, any channel, any map. I normally craft within the comfort of my home.

    I also get some insane (unplayable) lag during any boss fights -- for example, the most recent one in Ellenia, either ch 17 or 14, I dunno which I was on, but any GM event has been insane lag.

    The Kay events ALSO have lots of lag -- when you do the 'escape ludibrium' jump quest, the lag can make it really hard to jump at the right time. The lag is normally on-and-off within the same run. If you're far enough away from other players, there tends to be less lag.
  • SubglaciousSubglacious
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,575
    Posts: 169
    From Texas, I get between 125-175 ping on NA West. It's actually kind of blowing my mind. I've never played a game that has such high ping over such a short distance - that's the kind of ping I expect when I play on a European server.
  • CapturedRayneCapturedRayne
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,810
    Posts: 76
    With the introduction of the much enjoyable town boss spawning event, I think another option should be added in the settings where the "Hide other Characters/Character Effects," "Mute Other Pet's Effects and Sounds," "Hide other Player's Pets," "Show Friendly Player's Names" and other similar options automatically trigger when a map population reaches a large capacity. I still enjoy seeing a lot of people on my screen during questing or seeing my friend's pets and whatnot when im socializing, but it's also a struggle to have to go to options and check/uncheck a bunch of things and still try to somehow participate in the spawning event when people are flooding into channels. A lot of the time, I had to enter the channel and change my settings there, but by then a ton of people entered the map and my screen turns black and/or freezes when I hit apply settings.

    In summary, the "Hide in Vicinity of Elite & Boss Monsters" option would be more effective if it was instead "Hide when in extremely populated map" or something.
  • MiyuanMiyuan
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 735
    Posts: 12
    - Server Name: US West
    - Issue type: High ping

    I'm playing on NA west with friends and the ping is kind of ridiculous. I'm hitting minimum 140ms to like 350ms max for whatever reason. I live in NA.. I normally get like ~90ms max to west/north west servers but 200+ is insane. Not to mention how often there's random spikes to like 500ms.
  • DominustheusDominustheus
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 100
    Post: 1
    I play on EU and i'm having a hard time.
    I keep getting disconnected every 5 to 10 minutes :(
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 300
    Posts: 3
    hope they make SEA server.

    US west and US east ping pretty same, but got some spike at EU server (idk why)
  • KappaDrewKappaDrew
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 430
    Posts: 9
    - NA EAST, NA West
    - Ping, Latency
    - All Channels
    - All Maps.

    As someone who plays other games on multiple servers constantly, be they American servers, South Korean, Chinese or European servers. YOU NEED TO FIX YOUR SERVER ROUTING. It's horrible, probably some of the worst ive ever seen, I get better ping to the (I live in California btw) Korean servers at about 220 ish, but its consistent vs the East servers which i get anything from 150-350 its horrendous, Chinese servers i get around same as korean unusually in that 200 ping or so range, and EU im usually about 300 if its eastern EU western its about 200-250. oh and btw NA West servers? i get 40-100 read that a 60 ping average bounce to NA WEST FROM CALIFORNIA, I get 10 ping to Overwatch servers based on the west coast and 20-40 ping depending on where in the rest of the us the server i connect to is located. even for League of Legends as much as i hate their system i still get 60-70 consistent ping to Chicago. Get your crap together, tell your backed boys to buy some decent servers, if you do that this game will run a long time, if not, well rip.
  • maplefreak2maplefreak2
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 500
    Posts: 2
    Server name: NA West
    Issue: High ping occasionally
    Channel: Varies (did not test in the East channels)

    I'm in the Bay Area, California and my ping generally varies from around 50 ~ 90, except that sometimes, it jumps to 100s+ or even 500+ at one point for a good couple of minutes and it'd either go away or I'd have to restart the game. I've never experienced this kind of lag in any other game, and even in MapleStory 1. I can't tell what triggers this/why it happens, all I know is that it jumps to insanely high levels and causes unplayable lag. I'm on Comcast/Xfinity, if that's helpful.

    I checked my logs and discovered that the servers were hosted on Amazon's servers in Oregon this time instead of Microsoft in Texas, which might explain why I don't recall this happening in the first CBT (my ping in the first CBT hovered around 120 ~ 150). There was another Korean import game that was released recently (MMORPG) that I don't think I can name here that were hosted on AWS but they discovered an Elastic Network Adapter issue with the latest gen EC2 instances and reverted the servers to use a previous generation of instances that didn't use it. May or may not be related to MS2 ping issues, but worth a shot to investigate?
  • CyberliskCyberlisk
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,415
    Posts: 93
    Real life Location : Arizona
    Internet Speed : 300 MBPs Down and 20 Up
    Server : West
    Decided to try out the new East Channels (Ch.21) and while moving through towns and interacting with NPCs wasn't so bad just the occasional hiccup , when I went to a field to start killing monsters for a quest the ping spiked horribly whenever I entered combat. Ping just seems too unstable to play , constantly spiking between 85ms - 180 which causes the monsters in combat to behave very strangely and teleport all over the place. But as with everyone else , we still want 1 server so everyone is together, maybe just split the channels between East and West and mark them? Or maybe the spiking can be fixed.
  • OnelimitOnelimit
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 785
    Posts: 28
    edited 5:45AM July 26, 2018
    Location: California
    Internet speed: 300mbps down and 25 up
    Server: west
    My ping is usually around the 100-220~ mark and it is really annoying when loading onto new maps as it takes way to long to load. When I play league of legends, I get around 68 ping while server being hosted in Chicago, USA. Would really love if you can fix the way your game loads as it will help all players in all regions to be able to play this game with around 70~ping. In league when I get up to 80ping, I start having one second delays and it is not a fun feeling. Especially when I play PVP in ms2, I am not able to jump/attack smoothly as a thief and it really makes playing pvp not desirable. It would ping spike and I would miss a skill when it actually should have landed. Also, in Hard dungeons as well, when Fire Dragon is dashing or balrog is swinging his axe, I move away but still get swiped because 'I didnt react in time'. This is a huge issue that will make MS2 experience much better if it were to be able to be fixed.
  • OouOou
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,035
    Posts: 32
    Server: NA West
    Location: Missouri
    Internet speed: 87 Mbps download and 11 Mbps upload
    My ping is consistently around 150 ms, sometimes spiking low 200s and sometimes going as low as 70~80s.
    I do get slightly better ping on the East channels 21 and 22.
    The game is definitely playable but sometimes frustrating because on client side it looks like I dodged or timed correctly but due to my ping I die/take damage.
    It'd be nice if the player base from the central area got some love too but I am sure you guys have limitations on the quality/quantity of servers you can provide.
  • MiyuanMiyuan
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 735
    Posts: 12
    The update that added East channels to the West server was good, lets people do overworld stuff with better ping but it doesn't really help with raids/pvp/ect due to how those instances are always going to be on the native server.
  • ExigaExiga
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,065
    Posts: 98
    edited 9:44AM July 27, 2018
    I'm from Israel and use the Europe servers. Most of the times my ping is 100-130, and I'm very satisfied. The only times that I feel slight lags are when I make many small actions together, like selling many items quickly, crafting, or when I get hit from a deadly Hard Dungeon boss attack although it seems like I avoided in the last moment. I wish these could be strengthen somehow.
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