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[Feedback] Mushking Royale

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Please leave your feedback regarding MushKing Royale.


  • kiddecepticonkiddecepticon
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    After playing 5 or 6 games, I have the following feedback:

    1. Healing items are useless. The purpose of them is to allow a player to regain health after combat. However, in order to regain said health, the player needs an abundance of one of the two healing items. When the health pool for a player is 1000 HP and the best healing item only heals 160, there is no way to recover in a fair amount of time because unless a player is fortunate enough to find an overabundance of healing items, they have to search until they do.

    2. Powers are unbalanced. While most of the powers hit for quite a lot of damage, some of them seem overpowered. My primary example is the aura sphere. If fired at you, the hitbox is so large that you can't escape and suffer massive damage. The shuriken ability has a large hitbox as well, but doesn't do nearly as much damage as the aura sphere.

    3. Springs should automatically deploy the paper plane mount. While it was a learning experience, my first attempt at using a spring resulted in death by fall damage. There is no reason that the mount should not auto deploy. Players could always opt to drop from the mount and redeploy, but as it stands, springs are more of a detriment than a help, especially to new players.

    I'm sure I'll have more feedback after I play more, but these were my preliminary ideas.
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  • RicenchickenRicenchicken
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    You do not receive the EXP it says you receive at the end of the match.

    It said I received 37k exp on my alt, but I did not get any.
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    I agree with Kidde on healing items, I was screaming when I had no HP to heal myself up after a rough fight, and then I ran smack into another person and died. :T
  • KakkisKakkis
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    Personally, it was a little disappointing.

    I really enjoy the combat in this game, and the clunkyness of using "items" instead of our class skills to fight is meh. I would enjoy it much more if we used our class skills, basically we are playing the class for a reason, and that way we could get involved in combat with more experience and not with random items.

    EDIT: also, playing alone in royale modes is pretty boring, at least add the posibility to play in a party of 2.
  • MKInfiniteMKInfinite
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    -This is probably done for balancing purposes, but I feel like having the items have use limits is kind of weird. Maybe do keep the stronger items under a certain number of uses, and the weaker ones have them be used repeatedly. And also make the stronger powers more rare, because, as kiddie said before, some of them are so strong or have a hitbox so big, getting them from just killing lil mushrooms or from chests is a tad too much.

    -I also feel like the map is not big enough, but that may be just me having bad luck and always running into someone.

    -Maybe have a tiny tutorial before jumping in on the battlefield, or a tiny screen with the buttons used in the mode, because I honestly didn't know how to attack or that I had to pick up the items myself with a button that I never use to pick up items (while we're on this, maybe make your character auto pick up the items? to make the mode a lil bit more faster)

    Overall I felt like this mode was kinda clunky and a little bit slow. I'm sure that with a little polish this would make a great addition, but so far I felt strangely overwhelmed.
  • MirosMiros
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    Edit: Problem was solved.
  • LiquicitizeLiquicitize
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    Kidd sums it up wonderfully.
    [Rank 13 in Mushking Royale for reference on playtime in it]
    As stated previously, the inability to do duo/squads is a really big let down. Constantly going solo gets dry after a while.
    My personal issues after playing with everyone are as follows:
    -The Golden Slime. The buffs it gives are really strong. It annoys me that someone at half health can one-shot combo me with the [Arcane Orb+ Shurricane]
    -The verticality of certain abilities. Having used the spring and am in mid-air, I still get hit with the Shurricane. I've noticed myself doing this to others as well. [Abilities that are similar to Lock-On, are excluded from this]
    -The Stun Bomb has little to no use at all. I haven't seen anyone utilize it in any of my matches that I've played.
    -Pacing. I have spent maybe 2 or 3 games, where I could just loot and loot and loot, and felt bored at times because there was little to no action.
    -The Robo Suits. It is laughable in my honest opinion. 40 damage on the second skill is pathetic. Being out-dps'ed by basic abilities is extremely bad.
    -Lack of information on key binds. Most people who played with controller didn't know what the buttons to pick items up were. It was painful to watch them run around doing nothing but basic attack and hope they can win.

    Don't get me wrong, I DO NOT hate the game mode. I found it rather fun and ran into the same people quite frequently that made it fun. The mode just needs a few fixes/adjustments and it might end up being more enjoyable.
  • NorthboundNorthbound
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    Honestly it felt like too many abilities for a full fledged battle royale game, let alone just a side event of this one. By the end of one of the rounds, I had far more abilities in battle royale than my main character does in-game! A lot of the abilities felt super clunky to use (especially M-bombs) and were really unbalanced. I quite enjoy the real PvP modes in this game, but playing with the item abilities felt really bad. Healing consumables were too weak for their rarity. Trash mobs scattered around the world might as well just be chests because they don't do anything. The bush hitbox for when the player actually gets hidden seems a bit too small.

    My main suggestion would be to get rid of a lot of the pickups and focus on making the smaller amount available more balanced. Realm Royale allows a wide array of abilities by having the players select a class at the beginning of each round, then the items you find are based on what class you choose. This keeps the game more manageable while still offering a wide variety of playstyles. I was pretty excited for this, but after a few rounds I've already lost all interest.
  • MinxMinx
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    The Royale was fun, my only input would be when items drop on the ground , the items get automatically picked up rather than manually picking it up :3
  • MiyuMiyu
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    most of the things said in this thread seem to be by people that don't even play the mode

    the few problems I have:
    1. the time being full 48 hours instead of 3-6 hours per day like other regions. probably it will be like that in full release anyway.
    2. sometimes the circle goes to outside of the map... (bug)
    3. there's no hotkey for un-mounting the omega mount
    4. over time more and more items have been added, I think this has to stop because already almost all slots are taken by them, maybe next seasons instead of simply adding new ones just replace existing ones :)

    I wouldn't mind the "newbie" changes that others suggest, but they just seem that they would make the game mode super dumbed down and it would lose the little strategy it has. I don't want this BR mode to be like all the other boring BRs out there, this is the only BR that I actually found interesting, even from the first looks unlike the many others out there... :)

    EDIT: a big problem that I found is the use of "spring jump" items, they are very toxic. it lets people that don't even play get high ranking just by running away, standing near the edge of the circle and if someone gets near they just spring jump and plane far away just to do it again. "spring jump" should be removed or made as a very rare drop.
    also something has to be done about people hiding, they get points for afking.
    it would help a lot of kills would matter, even 1 point per kill would be a lot!
  • oppagangnamstileoppagangnamstile
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    I feel like the way abilities work in the game are fine the way it is except some balance issues with the rare skills such as stun bomb doing very little and that arcane blast skill being way too good to not use in a fight. If you let people go in with the abilities of their class, then it falls into the same issue of pvp where it feels like a select few classes really dominate the meta and it becomes much harder for people to perform well. Battle royales should be a game mode that everybody can participate on an even field. Unless you want a pvp mode dominated by the few classes that do the best in it, leave the current system the way it is because it's a fun game of skill.

    The current rewards are lackluster probably because you give out so many boxes for people doing the simplest of things like opening a box in the game mode. Hopefully there will be better rewards to go for in the boxes or for first place. I haven't got first yet but it doesn't say anywhere what you get for winning which I feel deserves something better than a box at the end or a slightly better rank.

    I noticed there will be a group of people who play together and will team up and try to win which defeats the purpose of people playing solo. Maybe consider duos or teams? It would limit the amount of people doing this and encourage team play with others.

    I tried to get into the mk mount, but for some reason when I got in I couldn't move from it's starting location and my abilities didn't hit anybody. I wasn't lagging because somebody was able to kill me while I was in the suit. There might be a bug with the suit because it was pretty upsetting trying to use that and being unable to do anything useful.

    Keep the different mobs because at least it requires more risk to obtain their items, but it would be nice to have a few more mobs than what is already offered right now and make the risk higher and the rewards just as high.

    Overall for an MMO to implement a unique battle royale that isn't just another shooter is really nice given the amount of battle royales coming out today. It's hard to compete against other games in terms of battle royales due to its smaller scale, but the unique abilities are a really nice touch to the genre. As somebody who was really upset with a lot of balance issues with pay to win from Maplestory 1, it's great to see an MMO with a fun mode that seems to require no money to participate. I will provide more feedback when I've played more over the weekend but I do not want this mode to fail because of bad decisions.
  • AwooAwoo
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    Controller users have to play 1 to 3 games without knowing what button is bound to "pick up item". This results in an unnecessarily irritating start to the game mode.

    There is very very little feedback or indication of what any items do at all. This requires trial and error for dozens of games to learn them.

    Good mode but the learning curve is really awful. It's 10 games before people become remotely mediocre, and many many more before they start to hit their stride. Something should be done to alleviate this or you're going to get people dropping the mode before they've properly gotten into it.
  • chestnutchestnut
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    - It wasn't immediately obvious where or how to find the event. I wasn't the only one as I saw plenty asking in chat as well. Wasn't in the event description online, or in game.

    - I use a controller. The game needs MAJOR work for controller players in general, but after trying the event twice, I gave up trying it again as none of the buttons appeared to have any effect beyond X for getting on and off the balloon and running around and... pretty much instantly getting killed while I run around in circles hitting buttons that do nothing (lol).
  • VanicleVanicle
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    Posts: 81
    I think Mushking Royale is overall a great addition to this game, but there is definitely some room for improvement. These are things that I've noticed after playing for a day, many of which has already been mentioned by others already -

    1. Introduce a tutorial mode where someone can see what their moves are and test them out without having to run around getting killed first. I played this mode casually with a friend who is actively trying to climb the leaderboards, and when we went in we were both frustrated with not being able to actually read and test our skills without getting killed in our first 2-3 games.

    2. I think the learning curve is too steep as is. This may change with the addition of a tutorial and with key customization, but the second day into the release on NA East I've noticed the queue times are much longer. As a preface, I'm not even saying this for myself or my friend... or even the individuals that are on the leaderboard, but the majority of people in my games are players that don't seem to have any idea what they are doing. I'm also guessing many people play only once or twice and find it too hard to catch on and then quit. There are a few ways to remedy this - either remove some of the skills (only two or three, not anything drastic), tutorial mode, key customization, or drastically decrease the rate of some of the more powerful moves so that they are not needed on "must need" keys.

    3. The frequency of pet drops is too high. Not sure if these packs are going to stay the same in the official launch, but this is something that I thought was going to be an awesome accomplishment if I got, but ended up with a whole inventory after a day of playing.

    4. I personally don't see the point of the robot at all. I would vote to remove it entirely because it doesn't seem to provide any meaningful benefit to the game.

    5. I agree with the addition of duo/squads as it does get quite stale after several hours of playing by yourself.
  • mirta000mirta000
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    Even on keyboard I did not know my keybinds upon entering it.

    It's only on the second day and in Europe it feels quite dead. Just waited for 30 min for a match and eventually had to quit out in order to go to sleep. While it is quite late, with such rewards on offer, I don't think this mode will survive for a single day in full release, when packs are not dangled as a reward.

    Which is a shame, because I really wanted to at least secure spot 100, to stand a chance at the pack roll, but I had to work whole Saturday and then in the evening already got no matches :( it's one thing if I did not succeed due to my own inability to play, but currently I won't succeed due to lack of interest in the mode itself.
  • ILustuILustu
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,380
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    Where is the key binds for this mode?
    I Don't even know what to do, the Tutorial is very bad in giving information
  • TylerTheDragonTylerTheDragon
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    I think the gamemode as it stands is too complicated to be a fun thing to play for the majority of players. My first issue was when I landed was that I had to pick things up manually, which is fine but some sort of tooltip for your first time would've been nice. The second issue is that I had no idea what half of the things on the map did, there was a mushroom tower that was ringing but nothing I could do with it to interact? Then I'd get an abundance of abilities in the order I picked them up and had no idea what they did. With so many abilities available to pick up it's going to get really confusing on which ones are actually good and which ones are worth passing up on, with other battle royale games there's set weapons that you know what they do if you've ever played a shooter before but I'm not going to have unlocked every ability on every class, nevermind know which ones are better than others from a glance.

    Some tooltips, easy to read descriptions and such would be really nice to know what abilities do and what ones would be better or worse. It just seems really oversaturated which leads to an unpleasant time, it's not really something I see myself playing in the future.
  • LastLvlBossLastLvlBoss
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    I think you should be able to change your controls while you are waiting in que. would have helped players avoid the first 2 or 3 losses

    also the paper plane activation is not very forgiving making it hard to excute an escape
  • oppagangnamstileoppagangnamstile
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    I don' t know if this is what people mean by customizing the controls, but for keyboard if you go into your controls option and look under actions there's a place to change your quickslots which is what I did. I don't have a normal keyboard setup meaning I can't use the initial keybindings they gave me. Being able to change them to just letters helped me control what ability I wanted on each key.

    With that said, can you separate the keybindings of normal Maplestory 2 and Mushking Royale? I'm only able to use some of my keybindings in the royale, but it causes me to get rid of other menu related keybindings.
  • PleinapleinaPleinapleina
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    I think it's a good and well balanced mode outside of people teaming up which kind of makes it really hard for solo players to get by, if you added a party queue option for 2-4 players I think this mode would be really fun and keep people playing.
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