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[Feedback] Server Stability

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edited 8:51PM July 14, 2018 in Closed Beta 2 Feedback
Please leave feedback regarding Server Stability on this thread with the follow information:

- Server Name
- Issue type: Lag, Ping Issues, Latency
- Channel
- Location of where you experienced the issue


  • DanDKDanDK
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    edited 3:34PM July 18, 2018
    Several of my friends on the Hornbeam EU server are still experiencing general lag issues with pings that frequently stay at 100-200 ms even though they are all within European countries and should never experience any latency of that scale. This was a frequent problem during CBT1 and doesn't seem to have improved at all for this beta. This is regardless of channel and location.
  • ErameysErameys
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    I know you are stating that you were going to have two NA servers and would use numbers, stats, and feedback to determine if you were going to implement this model at launch or not. Personally I think one server would be best, especially for some of us middle state folk who are not really on either side. However if I may make a suggestion, it may be useful for us to state, say in parenthesis, which state the server is in for each so we can make an educated decision for ping and such as to which server we can join. Even better you may want to display the ping to us at selection. I understand that population control is a complicated and important factor and I am not trying to dismiss this. Just a little brainstorm I had.
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited 5:44PM July 18, 2018
    Not sure where to put this, but considering it's linked to the server clock I'll put it here.
    I relogged in a while after I had just logged in.
    Everything server day/time related moved onto the 19th.
    It's still the 18th, 8:42PM EDT. I'm not entirely sure how the servers reset the day so early, unless it's 3 hours ahead.
    (According to the server clock, it is with 00:42)
    I don't think Nexon/MS2's timezone is actually made clear on the server clock either.
  • WesleySnipesWesleySnipes
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    I've experienced ping as high as 300 ms and as low as 80 (during game intro) in the Oceanic server, I'm from Perth.
    This ping is pretty much what i had playing on the american server in the 1st beta test.
    I expected the ping to not be as high as 80 (the max ping i get playing csgo on sydney servers).
    With pings as high as 300 i might as well play on american servers which will be more populated
  • MrFubakuMrFubaku
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    As one who plays with people from across the states, having split American servers worries me. Not only do some of us need to make ping sacrifices to play with others, but looking into the future im worried about future server population. No one can truly predict the popularity of the game a few years after launch, but experiencing the down fall of many MMO's due to server and population management (i.e wildstar, revelation) I would like to see this game not suffer the same issues. Having a combined server and connecting through a east coast or west coast access point would increase stress, but imo would maintain a healthy population post lunch hype for the more dedicated players. A solid stable launch is great, there will always be issues, if this choice is to avoid people from quitting because of launch issues (Bless online...COUGH) those same players who say "trash game bye" after a few attempts are not the people who will be giving this game life in the future. Since this game has such a large focus on community and prides itself on social expression and interaction, it would be sad to see it decline due to its dedicated player base being divided or by poor post launch foresight. But I digress, just my opinion I honestly hope for the best. Thoughts?
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    The OCE server has been really great. Ping often below 100 means the game is much more playable.

    Occasionally it jumps up to 150-200 but hasn't been too much trouble yet.

    Hopefully the OCE server experience gets even better and more stable as things go on.

  • AruteeruAruteeru
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    edited 8:15PM July 23, 2018
    Anytime you sell an item to the NPC there is a short lag spike, every single time.

    Also the same for dismantling items.
  • mmviimmvii
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    Was quite laggy at times on NA East, I am unsure how to check ping however (>.<).
  • manuelex20manuelex20
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    edited 9:53PM July 18, 2018
    I can't connect me to south america :(
    Error code 10xx (I forgot it)
  • catkincatkin
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    Posts: 67
    mmvii wrote: »
    Was quite laggy at times on NA East, I am unsure how to check ping however (>.<).

    To check ping, turn on 'display FPS' in the graphics settings and it'll be beside the FPS counter.
  • VheissuuVheissuu
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    Posts: 6
    For CBT 1 I played on NA, but decided to try EU for CBT2 because of some friends. During CBT1 I checked my ping to EU and I would routinely get 120-130 and it was stable with no ping booster/VPN. Now since the launch of CBT2 my ping to EU is 250 lowest and spikes 400+ constantly. I understand this is the first day and things may get better, but in reality the routing is just abysmal and the servers are terrible. Since mudfish is not supported I am not able to test it properly, but I was able to run wtfast through a custom game setup and I now am able to get 120-130 ping again, but wtfast costs 10 dollars a month and I would prefer not to have to pay for it. Also even EU players are getting somewhat poor ping and poor stability.

    I am from Florida on the east coast of NA and my friend from New Jersey also has the same issues.

    What happened between CBT1 and CBT2 for the routing to be so terrible for NA players trying to play on EU?
  • Headstar007Headstar007
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,470
    Posts: 26
    Currently, I am not experiencing any issues and I was able to connect with ease at launch, and later in the day, but currently as you can see others are experiencing multiple issues that need to be fixed. Right now NA E seems to be working well for me.
  • supermikysupermiky
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,915
    Posts: 199
    Currently, I am not experiencing any issues and I was able to connect with ease at launch, and later in the day, but currently as you can see others are experiencing multiple issues that need to be fixed. Right now NA E seems to be working well for me.

    I keep getting disconnected in NA East for me, usually with error D0000 or something like that (What does that means?). I have reloaded the internet to no avaliable. I am from Europe and the internet is perfect so I am not supposed to be disconnected.
  • RielysianRielysian
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    Oceania server has been great this time around so far, in comparison to playing on the NA server in CBT1. I'm from New Zealand, and in CBT1 would hit ping levels of consistently 450-600+, whereas on the Oceania server only max out at around 150-200, typically staying between 80-120. Hopefully this gets even more stable so we poor Aussies and Kiwis can continue to enjoy MS2 without constant lag and latency issues!
  • itzKrisitzKris
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 630
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    I used to get better ping in CB1 having it rarely go above 100.
    Now, in CB2 and playing from Texas with the Eastern Server I get 90 or above ping, with it mostly in the 100s.
    Using the Western server I get 140 and above ping.
    Kinda disappointed with the worse ping this time around, but hopefully it helped those in the East and West.
  • ThijsBThijsB
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 695
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    Bit serverside, Im on the EU (West, Netherlands) server , and in the topleft corner is a timeclock. But the clock is 2 hours behind from the irl time in Europe, and if we are looking from the UK, it's still 1 hour behind.
  • imprdlimprdl
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 810
    Posts: 16
    OCEANIA server fluctuates a lot. I'm playing from New Zealand and my ping is 70-140. I played other MMO which located at West Coast, and I can have a very stable 180-188ms. Just saying that I have a decent internet connection.
  • PoohsPoohs
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 545
    Posts: 4
    EU server stability is not really good, me and my friends get frequent lag spikes and packet loss, on all channels and all locations.

    The average ping in all servers seems to be much higher than it should be, I get around 150 ping from Israel to EU, while usually I get between 70 to 100 in any other game.

    Ping also seems to get higher with more action on screen, in big maps with a lot of players and in combat my ping often doubles or even triples itself.
  • VerloVerlo
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 3,000
    Posts: 174
    Is it possible to have an option to change the in-game time from server time to local time and vice-versa?
  • HawkbladeHawkblade
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 100
    Post: 1
    I haven't experienced much lag, but my game performance isn't ideal. I have an i5 650 CPU and a GTX 1050 Ti GPU, and I'm getting frame drops down to the 20s from the slightest activities on screen. I'm not sure if the cause is the server or my PC. My CPU is a dual-core and the fan gets a little loud when I'm playing, so could it be that my CPU is not within the "Recommended" system requirements?
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