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Petition to have 1 server for NA


  • FriagneFriagne
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    Sure love meeting someone online post launch who plays the game only to find out I can't play with them because they're on the other server and the only recourse is leveling another character to max again.
  • mmviimmvii
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    edited 9:13PM July 19, 2018
    Well in terms of feedback about this, my ping on East was about 50-100 and my ping on West was about 100-200. It didn't affect gameplay much however, from what I could tell. West is the smaller server and the channels are less full, at least on the low level end. I assume ppl that have gone on the opposite server for their guilds sake have been hit with double ping so that kinda sucks lol.
  • SerfrostSerfrost
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    I'd rather it be 1 server, and then have 50 or 60 channels. 20 for East, 20 for West, 10 or 20 for Central. Not sure if this is possible, but I feel that would be best. Guild get-togethers would focus on the Central channels, and so would a chunk of Central US players.

    In general, all players would be able to meet whomever. They would have worse latency, but that would be the option to meet up with their friends on the West coast, or viceversa if the West coast "friend" has fiberoptic or something, not being worried about ping.

    I'm in the middle of the US, so whether I'm choosing East or West, I still have around 150-200ms ping.
  • OouOou
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    Here would be my preferences:
    1. Final release with 1 upgraded server that can handle the estimated player base
    2. Final release with 2 servers that are not based in the East and the West coast, that way people are not split based on region. This will allow the server to not be overloaded but also allow players to choose an arbitrary server and not have to be forced into a server due to location.

    Also, I am not sure how latency would play into this... If servers are based in a central area, how will it affect players in the East and West coast compared to now in CBT2? It would be a shame if players were "punished" because of changes to the current system of having East/West NA servers.

    I feel like this is a tough issue and will be difficult to please everyone, hopefully Nexon finds a good solution that can find agreement between the playerbase!
  • idontreallyknowmanidontreallyknowman
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    Can't play with the friends I wanted to since they're west and I'm east so ;;
  • GarroGarro
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    With 250-200 ping in the East Coast and over 1200 in the West. I'd rather have two servers and people being able to choose. Having two server won't stop you from playing with your friends at the cost of having lag which would be your choice. Instead, having a single server only takes away the choice for those who prefer lower ping living in near the removed server.