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Are you guys enjoying maple story 2?

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Im not sure if its just me but i myself for sure have heard a lot of bad things about this game. Personally i have somewhere around 10 hours in the game in the past 2 days and im having the most amount of fun ive had in an mmo for a while. I just wanna know if other beta testers think this game is worse than i think.


  • RapthorneRapthorne
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    I am actually loving it.

    I didn't think I would when I first heard about it. I wrote it off as a silly looking kids game, and heard all sorts of negative things about the native version. I also really am not a fan of the original MapleStory.
    I managed to get in to the first CB though and I love the game. It's art style is charming, the gameplay is interesting, the various activities can keep you engaged for hours, and it's really nice to see a game that's got such a massive focus on the social aspects of gaming.

    That's my experience thus far, at least. I can't say yours will be the same, but I hope it is :)
  • EvoraEvora
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    I overplayed CBT1, so I'm not that into CBT2. When full release comes, I'll be breaking my hands again though.

    It's fun, that's for sure, but I'm still worried about the longevity of it. Only time will tell, I suppose.
  • Ryia_ArcherRyia_Archer
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    So far it's all good. I even scored myself a griffin pet and I haven't spent 80% of my time in housing!

  • ConsciousConscious
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    i think it's amazing
    as an old ms player i guess im a little biased bc the nostalgia factor kicks in at literally everything
    but overall i think it's a solid game. people who all over it and call it garbage probably haven't tried the game out properly or haven't looked at it from the perspective of it being an entirely new game based off of the og ms and keep trying to compare it to the og game

    it could definitely use some work in a few areas, but it's legitimately the most fun i've had in a really long time.
    and as for longevity, i'm sure the game will stand on its own just fine.
  • MissVanjieMissVanjie
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    this is really fun to the point where GohGamer on YouTube even doesn't have any complaints and only said positive things (and he DRAGS the soul out of literally EVERY game he plays when he makes reviews)

    this is probbaly the best mmorpgs ive played tbh, the only con i have is that i dont really like the classes, none of them really stand out, but i mostly main healer so im stuck with that when official luanch comes

    everyone is pretty much predicting the death of this game by p2wness, and if that does happen i will fight everyone working at nexon and then cry.

    mostly because this game doesn't even need p2w, its like perfect so im sure the playerbase will be huge, and because its focused on socialization and character customization, they will make way more revenue from those in the cash shop than other games do, so they wont even have a need to make it p2w. so if it is p2w, then thats just showing that theyre greedy :/ . dont be trion, they made a game p2w at its launch, like atleast wait until it dies
  • MarchinBunnyMarchinBunny
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    So far, I would say it's pretty enjoyable. I feel like this game chose what it wanted to be, and did it well. While a lot of other MMOs tend to be all over the place, at least from my experience.